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Portable Water Level Meter

Leading Supplier of Portable Water Level Meters from China

Fengy is a top Chinese supplier that is famous for producing state-of-the-art water level gauges known for being accurate, reliable and effective. They are ideal for experts who require the best equipment for measuring water levels.

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    Introducing Portable Water Level Meter from Fengy

    With durability and ruggedness, the FENGY Portable Water Level Meter accurately measures water levels in monitoring wells.

• Measurements accurate to 1/100th of a foot can be taken with its tape that is carefully crafted.

• It is light and compact so it can be carried around and used anywhere.

• This water level meter is perfect for professional use as it supplies information needed to describe, categorize, and compare groundwater elevations in various well systems.

• The FENGY Portable Water Level Meter gives suggestions and advice but no personal opinions or subjective language are involved.

• It has the performance you can trust in addition to technical knowledge required for monitoring activities.

Portable Water Level Meter
Portable Water Level Meter

Portable Water Level Meter for sale

Unearth the FENGY Portable Water Level Meter for exact readings of water levels during environmental scrutiny, groundwater evaluation and countless other uses. For accurate delivery of services as per your requirements in measuring water levels, trust FENGY. Get yours today!

Portable Water Level Meter Industry-Specific Attributes

Warranty1 year
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Customized SupportOEM, ODM
Brand NameFENGY
Model NumberWLM5
Product NameWater Level Meter
Reel ColorBlue
Probe Diameter14mm
Material of ReelMetal
Material of SupportMetal
Power Supply9v Battery
Ruler Cable CoatingPE/PU
Packaging DetailsCarton
Selling UnitsSingle Item
Single Package Size37X26X45 cm
Single Gross Weight12.000 kg
Fengy factory
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    Why choose FENGY's Portable Water Level Meter?

  • Gives precision sensor engineering for highly accurate water level measurements.
  • Readings are easy to take in by professionals as well as beginners because of its design that is simple to use and interpret.
  • It is made up of materials that are strong enough to resist damage caused by tough conditions while providing dependable service for many years.
  • This portable device can be used outdoors easily due to its light weight and small size.
  • It works with versatility as it can be applied in various settings such as boreholes, wells, tanks etc.

Requesting a Quote for Portable Water Level Meter

1. Make known the kind of product you want.

2. Specific requirements should be given if personalized services are needed.

3. Fill in the inquiry form below with all the necessary details and our technical team will get in touch with you within 24 hours!

4. If you order not less than ten pieces, we can give samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Portable Water Level Meter

Q: What is the profile of a portable water level meter?

A: Made to be durable and easy-to-use, a portable water level meter is an instrument used for finding out groundwater levels with accuracy. Most often made with a stainless steel probe and polyethylene-coated steel tape, these meters can take measurements in wells as well as other water bodies such as boreholes. Meters usually have an audible indicator that sounds when the tape touches water, some have the ability to measure temperature like the geotech et, and they come in different lengths of tape which can range from 30m all the way up to 300m depending on how deep you need it to go.

Q: How do stainless steel probes enhance the durability of water level meters?

A: The durability and dependability of portable water level meters largely rests on stainless steel probes. This is a material chosen for its ability to resist corrosion and abrasion, which are common problems in measuring the levels of underground water reserves. The toughness also ensures that the meter can be used in different settings thereby increasing its life span as well as enabling it give accurate readings throughout its use.

Q: Can geotech portable water level meters measure both level and temperature?

A: True, there are some types of geotech portable water level meters that have the ability to measure temperature as well as water level for instance; the et series. This two-in-one feature enables users to get more comprehensive readings using one instrument in one go and hence they come in handy especially when it comes to investigations which demand observation on both temperature shifts and changes in levels of water.

Q: What range of measurements can geotech water level meters cover?

A: The Geotech water level meter was created to encompass many measurements; it does this by having tapes that range in size from 30m (perfect for shallow cases) up until 300m (for deep wells or boreholes). With this flexibility one can find a device appropriate for any given measurement requirement whether one needs only basic readings on water levels, or plans on doing more complex hydrological investigations.

Q: How do audible indicators work in water level meters?

A: Water level meters are equipped with a sound-making device that is activated when the probe touches the water. The main function of this feature is to show correct readings by communicating the instant at which the probe comes into contact with the water surface. This can be very helpful in situations where there is poor visibility, such as darkness or murky conditions because it makes measurements easier.

Q: Why are portable instruments like the geotech et preferred for groundwater measurements?

A: The geotech et is the best instrument for measuring groundwater because it can be carried easily, it is accurate and can work under different field situations. These meters are light in weight and durable which means that they can be taken to any place without much hustle; moreover they may also be used in any environment ranging from remote fields to city wells. In addition to this a steel tape is used to provide fine measurement marks while being able to record temperature of water which makes it useful for many hydrological investigations.

Q: What role does the polyethylene coating play in water level meters?

A: The most important thing about water level meters is the covering of polyethylene that they have on their steel tape; this saves it from getting damaged due to rough use or any other external factors. The reason why it is called “poly” (many) ethylene is because there are many units joined together in a long chain, which makes up this kind of compound. Another name for rust is corrosion, and this occurs when metals react with oxygen, so coating prevents rusting as well as corroding, thus making sure that marks for measuring distances will be durable enough. Besides being very hardy against wear and tear or harsh environments, smooth surfaces still allow easy insertion into boreholes during measurements while also simplifying its removal after recording readings, thereby enhancing user-friendliness even further.

Q: How to choose the correct tape length for measuring groundwater levels?

A: To determine the right tape length for gauging groundwater levels one needs to take into account how deep he is willing to probe the sources of water. Shallower wells or monitoring points may use tapes ranging between 30m and 100m, while those that are deeper, such as boreholes, will extend even unto 150m, 300m plus, etcetera. So it is important that you choose a measurement that is longer than what you think would be necessary because this will enable your tool to work anywhere regardless of whether it’s shallow or deep.

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