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Professional Water Level Meter Tape Supplier From China

Are you in need of a water level meter tape that you can rely on for your project? Look no further than FENGY – a reputable Chinese supplier and manufacturer. Our supreme quality water level meter tapes are designed to measure different water levels precisely under various applications. With our knowledge and commitment to delivering excellent goods, we are the company that you can trust for all your water level measuring needs.

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    Introducing Water Level Meter Tape From Fengy

    Fengy’s Water Level Meter Tape is a versatile tool created for accuracy and efficiency in different fields. It increases the work rate by having an intuitive interface and being highly precise.

  • The Water Level Meter Tape is engineered for precise and consistent readings, ensuring measurement accuracy.
  • With strong construction and distinct notations, it can be read easily.
  • The measurement has been designed for ease of use by both beginners and professionals.
  • Being light in weight and portable makes transportation convenient from one place to another.
  • Water level accuracy is important in many areas such as building or surveying; this is achieved through saving time taken up by tasks thanks to error reduction effected by use of the tape.
Water Level Meter Tape
Water Level Meter Tape

30m/50m/100m/150m/200m/300m Water Level Measuring Tapes for sale

The meter tape is made available for sale. It’s popularly known for being precise, easy to use and applicable in different fields; this device is aimed at improving productivity in the workplace.

Product Description

30-300m Meter Tapes Industry-Specific Attributes

Conductor MaterialCopper
Insulation MaterialPE
Number of Conductors7
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameLANKA
Model NumberLANKAR
ApplicationWater level meter/dip meter
Product namewater level ruler cable well depth measuring steel ruler cable tape
ConductorFine oxygen-free copper wire
Outer jacketHigh quality imported PE sheathed or PU sheath
Jacket colorTransparent
Rated Voltage300V
Test voltage2000V
Insulation resistance>200Mohm x Km
Fire resistanceFollowing IEC60332-1
Length50m 100m 150m 200m 300m
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's Meter Tapes?

    Fengy’s Water Level Gauge Tape is known for its accuracy, assurance of quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and fast delivery. This makes it a trusted brand in many sectors.

  1. Exact Manufacture: The precision of these water level meter tapes guarantees accurate results after measurement.
  2. Warranty of Quality: We guarantee quality since we are the original manufacturers and oversee the entire production processes.
  3. Orders Based on Customer Specifications: Our tapes can be personalized to suit different sectors thereby making them more useful in your work.
  4. Affordable Rates: You will not find our products expensive as they come straight from factories at competitive prices but still retain their standard features.
  5. Timely Order Fulfillment: This is facilitated by efficient systems of manufacture which help us observe your project deadlines through quick deliveries.

Requesting a Quote for Meter Tape

Asking for a Quote on a Measuring Tape:

Please give us as much information as you can on what you’re looking for if you want the best possible service.

So that we can respond with our tailored offerings, it is important that you describe your needs accurately.

The form should have all the necessary fields filled out. We will get back to you within a day.

If you buy 10 or more units, we can send sample pieces to check if they meet your requirements.

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In the domain of hydrological investigations and water management utilities, it is crucial to select the appropriate Water Level Meter Tape. This piece offers a step-by-step procedure for choosing one, considers key features, compares different models and highlights their uses. Our aim is a full coverage that does not rely on personal views while presenting you with accurate information necessary ‎for decision making based on technical grounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Water Level Meter Tape, go ahead! 

Q: What should be considered when selecting a water level meter tape?

A: The main things are the tape material like polyethylene and stainless steel, length which could either be short or long; as well as its ability to measure static or drawdowns in any type of water body.

Q: What benefits does a 100-tape water level meter offer?

A: It is good for different purposes because it can give exact measurements of static and drawdown levels without going down the well.

Q: How does a tape-based water level meter function?

B: A sensor is featured on this reel – when the tape is lowered into a liquid body, it gives measurements of static level and drawdown for observance.

Q: What distinguishes white polyethylene tape from white tape units?

A: White tape means that the material is white polyethylene, while units of white tape refer to measurement marks on it necessary for accurate readings.

Q: Are water level meters for drillers distinct from other meters?

A: The meters are designed for drilling sites to ensure that they can stand up to harsh conditions, while being suitable and specific to drilling environments.

Q: What are the criteria for choosing a budget-friendly water level meter?

A: Find out a balance between cost, accuracy and user-friendliness. Put the focus on a meter that can be relied upon to deliver results at an affordable price.

Q: Can water level meter tapes measure levels in wells and open water?

A: Completely; these tapes may be employed in different environments so that accurate readings on water levels are taken in boreholes as well as open waters.

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