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Water Level Meter

Leading Supplier of Water Level Meters in China

Leading Water Level Meter Supplier from China – FENGY presents a diverse selection of top-tier water level meters crafted for precise measurements across different uses. Discover our cutting-edge solutions now to encounter the unrivaled reliability and accuracy that distinguish us in the field.

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    Introducing Water Level Meter from Fengy

    The FENGY/Water Level Meter is a highly advanced tool designed for measuring water levels in various environments.

  • • It is a go-to choice for professionals in hydrology, environmental science, and engineering industries.
    • This instrument uses sensors and probes to accurately measure water levels in rivers, lakes, wells, and other bodies of water.
    • Its compact size and portability make it convenient to use in the field.
    • The durable construction ensures reliability even in harsh conditions.
    • The meter also offers data logging capabilities for recording and analyzing long-term measurements.
    • User-friendly features include a simple interface and customizable display options.
    • Easily replaceable batteries power it for convenience.
    • Whether for precise measurements or research projects, the FENGY/Water Level Meter is an essential tool that exceeds expectations.
Water Level Meter
Water Level Meter

Water Level Meter for sale

Water Level Meters are available for sale now! Our high-quality and reliable products allow you to measure Water levels easily. They are perfect for various applications, such as monitoring wells, boreholes, and tanks. Purchase yours today to ensure accurate water level readings for your needs.

Water Level Meter Industry-Specific Attributes

Warranty1 year
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Customized SupportOEM, ODM
Brand NameLanka
Model NumberWLM5
Reel colorBlue
Probe Diameter14mm
Material of ReelMetal
Material of SupportMetal
Power Supply9v Battery
Ruler Cable CoatingPE/PU
Packaging DetailsCarton
Selling UnitsSingle Item
Single Package Size37X26X45 cm
Single Gross Weight12.000 kg
Fengy factory
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    Why choose FENGY's Water Level Meter?

  • FENGY is known as one of China’s most professional water level meter manufacturers, producing quality products and good service.
  • The meters contain a strong, flexible polyethylene flat-tape reinforced with two high-tensile stainless steel strands, ensuring durability over long-term use.
  • They can accurately measure water levels in various environments like wells, boreholes, and standpipes, making them versatile for different applications.
  • FENGY’s meters provide precise measurements, critical for industrial and environmental processes.
  • Large purchases are accommodated through bulk ordering options potentially beneficial for large-scale projects.

Requesting a Quote for Water Level Meter

1. Please indicate the type of product you need.

2. If you need tailored services, kindly provide your specific requirements.

3. Fill out the inquiry form below with the necessary details. Our technical team will contact you within 24 hours!

4. Samples can be provided upon ordering a minimum of 10 pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Water Level Meter 

Q: What is the purpose of a water level meter, and how does it benefit hydrogeologists?

A: Water level meters are designed to provide the most accurate measurements of water levels in wells, boreholes, standpipes, and similar structures. They are crucial for hydrogeologists all across the globe as they help in determining the depth to water, assessing static and falling head levels, and monitoring changes in groundwater storage. This data is vital for groundwater management, contamination studies, and in the planning and development of water resources.

Q: Can you explain how the water level meters work?

A: Water level meters operate on a simple principle. They consist of a probe attached to a long tape or wire, marked with measurement increments. The tape is lowered into the well or borehole until the probe reaches the water surface, at which point an electrical circuit is completed, and a signal (often audible) is activated. The depth to water can then be read off the tape at the top of the well casing, allowing for accurate measurement of water levels.

Q: What makes the heron water tape the preferred choice for well drillers and hydrogeologists?

A: The heron water tape is favored for its durability, accuracy, and ease of use. It comes with a stainless steel probe and a yellow steel tape that is both easy to read and resistant to harsh environmental conditions. Its metric and engineering scale ensures the measurements are precise to the millimeter, which is essential for those who require the most accurate measurements. Furthermore, its design allows for easy cleaning and servicing, enhancing its longevity and reliability.

Q: How does one decide between a metric or engineering scale water level meter?

A: The choice between a metric or engineering scale on a water level meter often depends on the user’s preference or the specific requirements of a project. Metric scales, marked in millimeters, are widely used globally and are ideal for those requiring precise measurements in the standard metric system. The engineering scale, which is typically in feet and tenths of a foot, may be preferred by well drillers and engineers in the United States and other regions using the imperial system. Ultimately, it’s about choosing the meter that best fits the measurement standards of the user’s locale.

Q: Are water level meters with a water tape also available for deeper wells?

A: Yes, water level meters with a water tape are also available in configurations suited for deeper wells, some reaching lengths up to 100m or more. These meters are ideal for applications requiring measurements in deep boreholes and standpipes, offering the same level of accuracy and reliability as those used in shallower wells. The extended tape length ensures that these meters meet the versatile needs of professionals in the field, including well-depth determination and the monitoring of water table fluctuations in deep aquifer systems.

Q: What features should be considered when selecting a water level meter for a specific project profile?

A: When selecting a water level meter for a specific project profile, it’s important to consider features such as measurement accuracy, tape length, durability, ease of use, and servicing. The instrument should offer a precise measurement scale (metric or engineering) that matches the project requirements. The water tape’s material is vital for ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosive environments, with stainless steel being a top choice. Additionally, the meter’s compatibility with varying well diameters and its ability to measure both static and falling head levels should be evaluated. For complex projects, meters with additional functionalities like temperature and conductivity measurement can provide further insights.

Q: How are water level meters contributing to sustainable water resources management?

A: Water level meters play a crucial role in sustainable water resources management by providing accurate data on groundwater levels, which is essential for assessing resource availability, monitoring extraction rates, and understanding recharge rates. This information helps in the development of strategies for the sustainable use of groundwater, ensuring that water withdrawal rates do not exceed the recharge rate and protecting aquifers from over-exploitation. Moreover, by monitoring changes in groundwater levels, water level meters assist in detecting potential contaminants and in the implementation of remediation measures, thus safeguarding water quality for future generations.

Q: Can the brochure for water level meters provide guidance on easy cleaning and servicing?

A: Yes, brochures for water level meters often include guidance on easy cleaning and servicing to ensure the longevity and accuracy of the device. It typically covers topics such as regular maintenance routines, proper storage methods, and tips for cleaning the probe and tape to prevent contamination. Following these guidelines can significantly extend the lifespan of the meter and maintain its performance, making it an invaluable reference for users aiming to maximize their investment in water level measurement technology.

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