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Spring Wire Coiled Cable

Premier Manufacturer of Spring Wire Coiled Cable in China!

FENGY is one of the best manufacturers which mainly produces high-quality Spring Wire Coiled Cable that meet all the necessary standards for any given industry. Our products last long; they can be trusted and very flexible. They also cater for all your needs since they can be used in home appliances as well as electronics and industrial equipments among others.

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    Introducing Spring Wire Coiled Cable from Fengy

    Introducing the Spring Wire Coiled Cable by Fengy – a renowned brand among professionals in various industries where quality, longevity and superior customer service matter. Buy this dependable item now to enhance your performance!

  • The Spring Wire Coiled Cable is unique because of how flexible it is; the spiral design stops tension damage from occurring and this makes it last longer than any other power cord.
  • Fengy’s Spring Wire Coiled Cable can transfer electricity much more efficiently than other cords used in many different areas, thanks to its strong structure that also guarantees better conductivity.
  • For use in tough environments where productivity needs to be maximized, Fengy has made their Spring Wire Coiled Cable so they can withstand heat as well as cold weather or moisture.
  • This cord has features that are far above average which allow for good performance hence it offers real value therefore being an imperative instrumentality for operational excellence by enterprises.
  • When organizations want to improve on their efficiency levels, one way of doing this would be through upgrading power sources with stronger ones such as Fengy’s Spring Wire Coiled Cable which gives both reliability and efficiency needed for enhanced performance.
Spring Wire Coiled Cable
Spring Wire Coiled Cable

3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable For Sale

Get the Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable measuring 3*1mm² today! This cable is made to be excellent in health care facilities and guarantees effective electricity distribution in various medical gadgets.

3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -1
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -1
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -2
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -2
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -3
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -3
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -4
3*1mm² Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable -4

Product Details:

The Medical Equipment Spiral Wire Coiled Cable of 3*1mm² is a durable, high-quality product that can last for a long time. It has good tensile strength and corrosion resistance which leads to stability. The reason why this cable is used in different medical equipment is because of its dependability.


This wire is flexible and durable, which makes it perfect for use in harsh conditions. It is eco-friendly, exhibits good hardiness and can tolerate high temperatures thus becoming a strong choice for many uses.

Technical Parameters

  • Cores/Core Section: 3*1mm²
  • Spiral Coil Diameter: 76mm
  • Spiral Coil Length: L= 610mm
  • Each End Length: L1=L2=205mm


  • Conductor: copper wire
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Jacket: TPU
  • Sheath color: Black, light
  • Wrap: Non-woven fabric


This cable is particularly planned for medical devices only which make them highly dependable and efficient during such crucial tasks.

Spring Wire Coiled Cable Applications
Spring Wire Coiled Cable Applications
How Do You Select The Right Spring Wire Coiled Cable For Your Application?
How Do You Select The Right Spring Wire Coiled Cable For Your Application?
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    How Do You Select The Right Spring Wire Coiled Cable For Your Application?

    It is important to select the right spring wire coiled cable for best results.

  1. Specify Applications: Check wire length, breadth, pliability and environmental resistance in order to fit properly into the application.
  2. Assess Material: Commonly copper, aluminum or silver are used. Each has distinct properties which can be favorable for certain uses.
  3. Insulate and Sheathe: Different insulating and sheathing materials like PVCs, TPU and silicone offer different levels of protection against temperature changes that affect how well cables work.
  4. Review Technical Specifications: A close look at the core section, diameter of coil and length of coil will help you know if this cable is compatible with your appliance.
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    Benefits of Using Spiral Power Cord

    Different applications gain significant advantages from spring wire coiled cables.

  • Durability: Such cables are very tough, therefore not losing their shape even when subjected to pressure.
  • Flexibility: Cables of this kind can be stretched and pulled back without breaking due to the way they have been wound.
  • Space saving: They take up less room because of their spring-like design which helps with cable organization.
  • Versatility: Different materials and specifications are used in making these cables so that they can be used for different purposes.
Benefits of Using Spring Wire Coiled Cable
Benefits of Using Spring Wire Coiled Cable

Welcome to Our Spring Wire Coiled Cable Factory!

Why Choose Fengy for Your Spring Wire Coiled Cable Needs?
Why Choose Fengy for Your Spring Wire Coiled Cable Needs?
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    Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Power Cord Needs?

    In terms of Spring Wire Coiled Cable needs, Fengy is a dependable authority.

  • Standards Compliant: Fengy’s products are made to align with worldwide industry standards, which guarantees quality and dependability.
  • Diversified Offerings: Fengy has a wide variety of coiled cables for different uses.
  • Tailor-Made Products: In order to meet certain technical requirements or situations, we can customize cables according to customers’ needs.
  • Technological Competence: With many years working within this field under our belt, we strive towards creating cables that work best in any given set up.

Requesting a Quote for Spring Wire Coiled Cable Solutions

If you think about using Fengy for your coiled cable in the spring, please follow these steps:

  1. Talk to the Sales Team: Start talking to our specialized sales team about your coiled cable needs and get their advice on what will work best for you.
  2. Give Customization Details: Specify exactly what you want done so that these coiled cables will fit perfectly into whatever it is they’re going into.
  3. Ask About Volume Pricing: Look into how much money can be saved by buying more at once; this way there’s enough money left over which could then buy other things like better quality materials or additional features.

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In this all-inclusive instruction manual, we are going to tackle the basics of Spring Wire Coiled Cable in 2024. Our desire is to give a technical and professional account laying down definitions, classifications as well as comparisons. We will talk about where they are used and suggest some uses according to statistics. What we want is to present you with unbiased information on these wires so that you can make sound judgments when dealing with technology which is changing very fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spring Wire Coiled Cable, get onboard.

Q: What defines a spring wire coiled cable in 2024?

A: In the year 2024, the cable made of coiled spring wire refers to a wire that is set up in a twisted, spring-like shape so as to combine elasticity with strong build thereby improving flexibility.

Q: What terminology is frequently linked to spring wire coiled cable?

A: Spring cord, spiral wire, curved wire, electric cable, wiring looms and resistance to heat are among the important terms.

Q: What are the principal attributes of spring wire coiled cable?

A: Ideal for environments that require continuous motion, it is flexible, long-lasting and can withstand high temperatures.

Q: Where are spring wire coiled cables available for purchase?

A: Cable manufacturers who have their specialty in cable production can distribute them. Amazon and AliExpress are among the many other sources.

Q: What benefits do spring wire coiled cables offer?

A: These cords are noted for being highly elastic, flexible, and heat resistant which makes them ideal in situations that involve frequent bending.

Q: What considerations are essential when selecting a spring wire coiled cable?

A: The choice of wires should take into consideration wire thickness, number of strands inside an outer covering, the grade of material used and heat resistance to be suitable for a particular purpose.

Q: In which industries is the use of spring wire coiled cables prevalent?

A: The work seems to be versatile and robust, which is why these wires are used in automation, electric engineering, power supply and telecommunication industries.

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