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Spiral Truck Cable

Premier Manufacturer of High-Quality Spiral Truck Cables in China!

Our experts ensure that each cord is built to last and upholds superior quality standards. With our long-standing experience in this field, we promise that all power cords will not only meet but also surpass any expectations anyone might have placed upon them. Contact us today to find out more about how we offer the best spiral power cords suitable for any requirements you may have.

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    Introducing Spiral Truck Cable from Fengy

    Fengy Spiral Truck Cable is a high-quality power transmission product for trucks.

  • The Spiral Power Cord boasts unprecedented flexibility due to its spiral design, significantly reducing tension damage and ensuring longevity.
  • Strongly built to ensure better electrical conductivity which leads to reliable and efficient power transfer between sectors.
  • It is made to withstand high temperatures, extreme cold as well as moisture thereby making it ideal for challenging environments and improved productivity.
  • This therefore means that any organization aiming at operational excellence must have this item with them since its features are top notch hence giving the best service delivery ever.
  • If you want your operations to be at their peak always then go for the spiral power cord produced by Fengy because it offers strength, efficiency and dependability in transmitting electricity.
Spiral Truck Cable
Spiral Truck Cable

3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable For Sale

Today is the day to buy Spiral Truck Cable 3*0.25mm². This cable is high quality and it can be used in many applications where power needs to be transmitted effectively. Use this great product to improve your system!

3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -1
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -1
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -2
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -2
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -3
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -3
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -4
3*0.25mm² Spiral Truck Cable -4

Product Details:

The main features of spiral truck cable are its extreme flexibility, excellent elastic memory, and high oil resistance. It can be used on different vehicles, such as truck trailers, fire trucks, and ambulances because it is strong enough to withstand heavy-duty work and performs consistently well in demanding conditions.


Spiral truck cable is extremely flexible allowing for easy installation and adjustment. It also possesses abrasion resistance which makes it long-lasting even in severe conditions. Moreover, it has UV resistant properties so that can be used outside too.


The Spiral Truck Cable is a highly versatile product. This means it can be used in a wide range of applications such as trucks, overhead cranes, chain hoists, and other industrial systems. Another area where this cable comes in handy is fire and rescue vehicles as it helps improve their efficiency during operations.


  • Conductor: Oxygen-free copper wire
  • Insulation: TPE
  • Jacket: Imported TPU
  • Sheath color: Black, Light

Technical Parameters

  • Cores/Core section: 3*0.25mm²
  • Coil diameter: 4.5mm
  • L=75cm, L1=L2= 20cm
How do you select the right spiral cable for your application?
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    How do you Spiral Truck Cable for your application?

    Finding the correct spiral truck cable for your particular use is an important job. It can have a massive effect on how well and quickly things get done.

  1. Determine Application Requirements: Identify power needs and specific environmental conditions for your use case.
  2. Evaluate Material Composition: Examine conductor, insulation, and jacket materials in terms of how well they perform and hold up.
  3. Verify Technical Specifications: Validate that core count, section size, coil diameter, and length are compatible with your setup.
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    Benefits of Using Spiral Truck Cable

    Transportation systems can benefit greatly from using spiral truck cables.

  • Durability: They are made to be used in bad conditions and this makes them usable for heavy jobs.
  • Flexibility: The arrangement of the wire in a spiral shape permits it stretch or bend when required so that it can move with minimal effort while reducing the tension on itself.
  • Space Saving: These wires are wound up into a coil which means they do not occupy much room thus helping in organization of cables within motor vehicles.
  • Customizability: Such wires come with different features like materials used or sizes available hence can be modified accordingly to fit particular needs of any given system.
Benefits of Using Spiral Truck Cable

Welcome to Our Spiral Truck Cable Factory!

Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Truck Cable Needs?
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    Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Truck Cable Needs?

    Fengy offers expert Spiral Truck Cable solutions.

  1. Quality Compliance: Fengy produces Spiral Truck Cables that meet high standards of the industry.
  2. Range of Products: Among its range, Fengy offers various truck cables for different uses.
  3. Customisation: Fengy tailors their truck cable solutions to fit individual needs of each customer.
  4. Technical Knowhow: The company has vast knowledge in this field and can therefore provide fast and reliable cable systems.

Requesting a Quote for Spiral Truck Cable Solutions

  1. Work with the Sales Team: Talk to our sales staff who are very knowledgeable about these cables so that they can help you solve your problems.
  2. Give us the Details for Customizations: Make known any changes you need made in order for them to be right.
  3. Ask about Bulk Prices: If you’re buying a lot of them, ask if there is special pricing or discounts for volume orders – this could save some money.
  4. Get a Quote: Once all details and quantities are worked out; ask how much it will cost (get an itemized list).
  5. This process should ensure that Fengy provides top-quality truck spiral cable solutions customized to meet each individual’s needs.

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The topic of this guide is the heavy-duty spiral trailer truck coil cables. The transport sector is incomplete without these cables. To give detailed information about them, this paper will define and group different types of these cables as well as compare their characteristics. Moreover, it will talk about where they can be applied in life with their specifications too. Furthermore, it shall give suggestions on how to choose the right cable for various purposes but sticking only to facts and objectivity. This article serves as a useful reference material for practitioners who want more knowledge about such matters in an authentic way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spiral Truck Cable, get onboard.

Q: What defines a Heavy Duty Spiral Trailer Truck Coil Cable?

A: A Heavy Duty Spring Trailer Truck Coil Cable is designed to connect heavy trucks with trailers. It ensures that the connection will last long even when used on rough roads.

Q: What distinguishes the Heavy Duty Spiral Trailer Truck Coil Cable?

A: What differentiates it from the rest is its spiral form, ability to have several cores for different uses, having a robust covering that can withstand damage as well as connectors which are not easily corroded.

Q: How many cores are typical in these coil cables?

A: Commonly, such spring cables have seven wires which enable various functions such as brakes and signals.

Q: What materials are utilized in these cables?

A: For conductivity, construction materials are copper; for structure, steel is used; and weather-resistant jackets ensure they last long under tough conditions.

Q: How is it different from standard trailer wires?

A: It exceeds the limits of conventional trailer wires by being more robust, long-lasting and flexible while ensuring safety through secure connections that are also very reliable in situations that demand a lot from such equipment.

Q: Where can you acquire a reliable heavy-duty spiral trailer truck coil cable?

A: For these cords, trustworthy heavy truck accessories sellers and e-commerce platforms such as are good places to start.

Q: What are its primary applications?

A: These wires are very important for linking electricity, operating brakes, and sending messages in motor vehicle and trailer electronic systems.

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