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Spiral Power Cord

The Best Power Cord Maker in China!

Fengy’s main concern is the manufacture of good-quality spiral power cords that meet all technical specifications. They are long-lasting and effective. Our items can be used for commercial, industrial, or personal purposes. For more information on what we offer and our ability to customize products to suit your requirements get in touch with us today.Trust shfycable as the best company for Spiral Power Cords in China.

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    Introducing Spiral Power Cord from Fengy

    This is Fengy’s new Spiral Power Cord – an innovation in power distribution tech.

– Long-lasting: Constructed with tough substances to be used over long periods of time.

– Resistive to weather conditions: Can work under various climatic conditions.

– Water-resistant: Created to function well even in damp areas.

– Resistance to cold: Enables uninterrupted power supply when it is freezing.

– Elasticity being high: The spiral design allows for stretching so that less pressure is put on the cable.

Spiral Power Cord
Spiral Power Cord

5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord For Sale

The on-sale 5X2.5mm² spiral power cord for aerial work vehicles is flexible in terms of usage. This highly efficient cable allows electricity to flow without any problem and can be applied in different aerial work vehicle contexts.

5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-1
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-1
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-2
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-2
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-3
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-3
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-4
5X2.5mm² Aerial Work Vehicle Spiral Power Cord-4


  • Conductor: Bare copper wire
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Jacket: TPU
  • Sheath color: Black
  • Filling: PVC strip
  • Wrap: Non-woven fabric
  • Core color: Customizable

Technical Parameters

  • Cores/Core section: 5X2.5mm2
  • Spiral OD: 68±2.0mm, L=stretched to 6m, L1=l2= 2000±20mm
  • Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM): 7.98Ω/km
  • Tensile strength≧1.5kg/mm2(insulation), ≧2.0kg/mm2(sheath)
  • Elongation at break≧200%(insulation), ≧380%(sheath)
  • Cable direction: Right cabling

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Spiral Power Cord
  • Application: Suitable for outdoor use: Aerial work vehicle


  • Rated Voltage:300/500V
  • Rated Temperature:90℃
  • Reference standard and design basis: UL758-2008

Spiral Power Cord Technical Parameters

Product Mix -1

ItemSpecification Value
ConductorMaterialBare copper wire
Standard Thicknes0.8mm
The thinnest Thickness0.52mm
fillingPVC strip
WrapNon-woven fabric

Product Mix -2

ItemSpecification Value
Shielding method/
Standard Thicknes1.4mm
The thinnest Thickness1.08mm
(L)Stretched to 6m

Product Performance

ItemSpecification Value
Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM)7.98Ω/km
Test voltageAC1500V/5min
Test objectInsulationSheath
Before agingTensile strength≧1.5kg/mm2≧2.0kg/mm2
Elongation at break≧200%≧380%
Aging condition110±2℃X168h
After agingTensile strength≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Elongation at break≧70%Original value  ≧65%Original value  
Combustion test
Core color: Brown, Blue, Black, White, Purple
Sheath color: Black
Printed content: no
How do you select the right spiral cable for your application?
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    How do you select the right spiral cable for your application?

    There are a lot of things that you need to take into account when choosing the perfect spiral power cord for your needs.

1. Think about the surroundings:

Take a cord that is compatible with the weather, water and cold you are experiencing.

2. Examine strength:

If it is heavy-duty use, choose a cord made of strong materials that can last for a long time.

3. Check springiness:

In case there is any movement in your application then you may need a spiral cord which is highly elastic.

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    Benefits of Using Spiral Power Cord

    Spiral power cables are necessary to transmit energy efficiently.

1. Saving space:

The physical area required by them is reduced due to their spiral design.

2. Flexibility:

They can extend and retract as necessary, thus being versatile in their usage.

3. Longevity:

Being built sturdy enough for multiple weather conditions to not affect them at all years after years.

Benefits of Using Spiral Power Cord
Benefits of Using Spiral Power Cord

Common Applications

Spiral Power Cords are very important to aerial work vehicles because they power essential systems such as navigation, communication and lighting. A coiled design facilitates extension and retraction which reduces risk. This cord can withstand various outdoor conditions which makes it suitable for use in high altitudes. Besides these uses, it is also applied in medical equipment, robots, server rooms as well as automotive industry thus indicating its wide usage.

Common Applications -1
Common Applications -1
Common Applications -2
Common Applications -2
Common Applications -3
Common Applications -3
Common Applications -4
Common Applications -4

Welcome to Our Spiral Power Cord Factory!

Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Power Cord Needs?
Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Power Cord Needs?
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    Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Power Cord Needs?

    Fengy is a trustworthy source for spiral power cables that are of good quality.

1. Quality Ensured:

Testing is taken very seriously at Fengy. The products are thoroughly tested to ascertain excellence.

2. Diversity:

Fengy has a variety of cables suitable for various uses.

3. Professionalism:

At Fengy, customers are served by qualified personnel who offer expert advice and assistance.

Requesting a Quote for Spiral Power Cord Solutions

If you want to get spiral power cords solutions from Fengy, here is how you can ask for a quotation:

Contact the Sales Team: Start by talking with our sales people about what exactly it is that you need from your spiral power cords and they will help advise on which ones would work best.

State all Necessary Customizations: Make sure to specify any changes that should be made so as to meet the needs of the application accurately while ordering for custom made spiral power cords.

Ask for Prices: You may want to ask about volume discounts especially if planning on making large orders because this might end up being cheaper for you.

Related Product Recommendation

This 2024 Spiral Power Cord Guide thoroughly analyzes these vital components. Different forms of spiral power cords will be defined and categorized, their uses compared to each other while valuable tips for usage given at the end. You should read through this guide as it will help you know what to expect from the improvements made on spiral power cord technologies in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spiral Power Cord, get onboard.

Q: What defines a spiral power cord?

A: It is described as an electric cable that can be wound and unwound, thus allowing you to adjust its length to suit your needs. This makes it space-saving and easy to manage your cables.

Q: How is a power cord's grade assessed?

A: The grade of cord depends on wire gauge (AWG), quality of materials used as well as adherence to certain specifications such as health care provider or medical institution grades.

Q: What differentiates a 5-15p plug from a C13 plug?

A: The North American standard plug for household appliances is 5-15p, while the C13 plug is used in computer equipment that requires more power.

Q: What are the criteria for selecting an appropriate spiral power cord?

A: When selecting a power cord, it is important to consider the necessary length, amperage rating, plug type, and whether or not it needs to be hospital grade certified.

Q: Is outdoor usage of a spiral power cord advisable?

A: Weatherproof spiral cables are one thing, but checking whether they are fit for outdoor use should be established by looking at their durability and safety features.

Q: Are spiral power cords compatible with various devices?

A: In order to fit different devices, it can come in various designs. It is important to match types of plugs and power requirements with the equipment.

Q: What are the best practices for storing a spiral power cord?

A. For the purpose of tangling prevention and increasing lifespan, it is recommended that one should store loosely coiled cords in a place where bending too much or being pressed hard against is least likely to happen.

Q: Can a spiral power cord extend past its original length?

A: Yeah, these wires are created to go more than their spiral form so they can be used in different ways, but it’s important not to overdo it because if you do that then they’ll break.

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