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Spiral Power Cable

Top Spiral Power Cable Manufacturer - Fengy

Fengy is the number one manufacturer of high-end spiral power cords in China. Our specialty is providing top-notch solutions for all your power supply needs. Be it custom sizes or multi-purpose usability, we make sure that our spiral cables at Fengy exceed what you expect from them.

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    Introducing Spiral Power Cable from Fengy

    Best retractable wire choice for any extension you may need.

• Manufactured from top-notch malleability and great strength.

• Great to be used with detectors and linkers

• Its endurance comes from being resistant to oil, wear, coldness and weathering.

• It has various applications.

• Invest in FENGY/Spiral Power Cable for a versatile and long-lasting solution

Spiral Power Cable
Spiral Power Cable

2*1mm2 300v spiral power cable for sale

Buy the spiral power cable 2*1mm2 300v now! This superb cable is designed to efficiently transmit power and can be used for many applications. Place your order today so that you can improve your setup!


Conductor: Soft copper wire  

Insulation: Special PVC  

Jacket: Imported TPU  

Sheath Color: Black  

Clad: Non-woven fabric  

Core Color: Blue, Brown

Technical Specifications:

– Core/Cross-sectional area: 2*1mm2

– Spiral Outer Diameter: 24±2mm

– Length: 320±10mm, L1: 180±10mm, L2: 1200±10mm

– Maximum Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃: 19.5Ω/km

– Tensile Strength: ≥1.0kg/mm2 (insulation), ≥2.0kg/mm2 (sheath)

– Elongation at Break: ≥150% (insulation), ≥200% (sheath)

Product Details:

Item: Spiral Cable

Application: Ideal for Sensors and Connectors


– Rated Voltage: 300V

– Rated Temperature: 90℃

Compliance: Conforms to UL758-2008

User Manual

Spiral Power Cable Technical parameters

ItemSpecification Value
ConductorMaterialSoft copper wire
InsulationMaterialSpecial PVC
Standard Thickness0.6mm
the thinnest Thickness0.44mm
fillingPVC strip
CladNon-woven fabric
ItemSpecification Value
Shield Material/
Shielding method/
SheathMaterial Imported TPU
 Standard Thickness0.9mm
the thinnest Thickness0.67mm
ItemSpecification Value
Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM)19.5Ω/km
Test voltage AC1000V/1min
Test objectInsulationSheath
Before agingTensile strength≧1kg/mm2≧2.0kg/mm2
Elongation at break≧150%≧200%
Aging condition110±2℃X168h
After agingTensile strength≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Elongation at break≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Combustion test

Spiral Power Cable Sectional drawing

Spiral Power Cable Sectional drawing
Spiral Power Cable Sectional drawing

Core color: As per customer specifications

Sheath color: Blue

Printed content: None

Understanding the Power of Spiral Cables
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    Understanding the Power of Spiral Cables

    The objective of spiral cables is to increase flexibility and durability. The special spiral construction makes them easy to extend without entangling so that they can provide power to various machines smoothly.

  • A spiral design permits cords to stretch and retract without any hitches, thus guaranteeing easy maneuverability and minimizing pressure.
  • Spiral cables are ideal for areas with high levels of activity because they can flex more than ordinary ones.
  • Industrial, sound recording as well as home appliances among other devices find use in spiral cords due to their ability to be bent frequently without getting spoiled hence making them last longer too.
  • In comparison with regular wires; spirals not only save space when being kept but also ensure that they are convenient because of their extendable feature which allows users handle them effortlessly.
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose Fengy Spiral Power Cable?

    Fengy utilizes high-quality materials that guarantee a long-lasting and dependable performance.

• Spiral power cables are manufactured by Fengy using materials of excellent quality.

• Our cables are created for heavy environment resistance and continuous power delivery.

• We have different length options to suit various installation needs.

• Customers can also order personalized specifications based on their individual requirements.

Requesting a Quote for Spiral Power Cable

  • It offers customizable spiral cable specifications to cater for special power requirements.
  • AWG ratings are given for selecting the right gauge thereby ensuring effective power transmission and safety.
  • In accordance with NEMA standards, the cables comply with industry requirements of quality and safety.
  • Flexible cable options are suitable for harsh industrial environments powering equipment reliably

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Examine how spiral power cables can be used in different sectors such as car manufacturing and telecommunication. Understand what makes them distinct, their design and where they are used. Discover more about the factors to consider when choosing them and keeping them for future reference. #engineering #cables

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spiral Power Cable

Q: What is a spiral power cable and how does it function?

A: A spiral power cable, also known as a coil cord or spring cable, is constructed so that it can be pulled out and wound up again because of its wire spring spiral structure. Such pliability helps this type of cord keep a small size when not fully stretched and prevents tangling, which makes it suitable for use in areas where the length of an ordinary electric extension would be inconvenient or for purposes demanding portability and elasticity like those involving handheld appliances or medical gadgets.

Q: What are the main benefits of using a hospital grade power cord?

A: Hospital grade power cords are recognized by their green dot certification. They were made to last and keep working with no compromise on quality or safety. This is because such places as hospitals need things that can withstand heavy use while remaining reliable and safe at all times. They have thicker wires which could be around 18 or 16 AWG in diameter usually, stronger build than usual plus ability to handle being plugged/unplugged more frequently among other features like better electric conductivity; resistance against shock absorption (impact resistance), rusting away (corrosion resistance) etc., even when exposed to various conditions of use

Q: Can I use a spiral power cable for my home audio system?

A: Certainly, for home audio systems and other electronics, spiral power cords are the best thing to use. These cables have a lot of flex which makes them perfect for connecting different parts or managing cable clutter in tight spaces. To ensure safety and reliability, a good coil cord should meet electrical requirements such as voltage and current matches with your audio equipment while still being able to move or adjust easily where required.

Q: How do I choose the right AWG size for my spiral power cable?

A: The size of the AWG (American Wire Gauge) to be used in a spiral power cord depends on the electrical requirements of the device being powered and the length of the cord. Higher AWG numbers are used for thinner wires that are appropriate for low current applications, while lower AWG numbers represent thicker wires needed for higher currents. Take into account power use by an appliance and refer to manufacturer’s instructions so as not to overburden with excessive size or weight but still ensure enough room for growth.

Q: What are some common applications of retractable power cords?

A: Power cords that can be pulled back, often designed with a spring wrapped around them to enable this function, have many uses as it prevents mess, guarantees safety and saves time. These are commonly applied in kitchen appliances; vacuum cleaners; medical machines/tools; portable electric devices such as drills among others and office machines like computers or printers where the ability of shortening cables at will may help organize workspace better and increase user’s movement freedom.

Q: Can spiral power cables be custom-made to specific requirements?

A: Absolutely, spiral power cords can be made to order with a certain length, connector style (like 3-prong or C13), wire size (AWG) and color — but the customization doesn’t stop there. The electrical properties of the cable can also be tailored along with coil length and retraction force, making them suitable for different applications or environments that may need more flexibility in design for consumer goods as well as industrial equipment.

Q: Are there any differences between a 2 prong and 3 prong spiral power cable?

A: A spiral power cable with 2 prongs can be distinguished from one with 3 prongs by the latter’s inclusion of a ground wire. Ground connections are unnecessary for double-insulated gadgets that don’t need to be grounded, hence their use of 2-prong cables. On the other hand, 3-prong cables guarantee more safety because they enable electrical faults to be redirected to earth thus shielding users against electric shock hazards. You should therefore select the right kind depending on your equipment’s electrical needs and its area of operation.

Q: How can I extend the lifespan of my spiral power cable?

A: Expanding the service life of a power cable, coiled in spiral shape, is all about how it is handled, kept and used. One should never overstretch this cable beyond its strength point; moreover, place it somewhere free from sharp objects that can pierce through then wrap in a way that doesn’t create any tight loops or angles. Additionally one must make sure not to expose this wire to very hot/cold temperatures or corrosive substances as they may cause deterioration with time.

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