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Looking for high-quality coiled cables? Then you have come to the right place! In China, Fengy is known as the number one manufacturer of spiral cables – they offer a wide range of coiling cords for various purposes.

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    Introducing Spiral Curly Cable from Fengy

    Flexible Solution for Many Uses: Boost Your Project’s Versatility

• It is made for easy and safe connection of safety edges and limit switches

• Its exceptional pliability and flexibility render it applicable in sports machines

• For all your requirements, only the best products from Fengy should be relied on.

Spiral Curly Cable
Spiral Curly Cable

4* 0.14 Mm2 Spiral Curly Cable for sale

We have Spiral Curly Cable 4*0.14 Mm2 for sale! It is the most flexible and stretchable cable, hence widely used in many applications of Sports Machines. Whether you need it tough, dependable or easy to handle; this cable serves all needs.


Conductor: Oxygen-free copper wire

Insulation: PE

Jacket: Imported TPU

Sheath Color: Black, Light

Filling: Cotton

Wrap: Non-woven fabric

Core Color: Customizable

Technical Specifications:

– Cores/Core Section: 4 x 0.14 mm²

– Spiral Outer Diameter: 19 ± 2mm, Length = 350 ± 5mm, L1 = L2 = 120 ± 5mm

– Cable Direction: Left

– Maximum Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃: 97.5Ω/km

– Test Voltage: 1000V for 1 minute

– Tensile Strength: ≥2.0kg/mm² (insulation), ≥2.5kg/mm² (sheath)

– Elongation at Break: ≥280% (insulation), ≥410% (sheath)

Product Manual

– Name: Spiral Cable

– Voltage Rating: 300/300V

– Temperature Rating: 90℃

Reference Standards and Design Basis: IEC 60228, VW50123, EN50363-10-2, EN 50525-2-12: 2011

Spiral Curly Cable Technical parameters

ItemSpecification Value
ConductorMaterialOxygen free copper wire
Insulatio nMaterialImported  PE
The thinnest Thickness0.18mm
Standard Thickness0.25mm
fillingCotton thread
WrapNon-woven fabric
ItemSpecification Value
Shielding method/
SheathMaterialHigh Quality TPU
The thinnest Thickness0.62mm
Standard Thicknes0.8mm
ItemSpecification Value
Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM)97.5Ω/km
Test voltageAC1000V/1min
Test objectInsulationSheath
Before agingTensile strength≧2.0kg/mm2≧2.5kg/mm2
Elongation at break≧280%≧410%
Aging condition110±2℃X168h
After agingTensile strength≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Elongation at break≧70%Original value≧65%Original value

Spiral Curly Cable Sectional drawing

Primary colors: Brown, Blue, Black, Gray

Sheath color: Light black surface

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How Does Fengy Ensure High-Quality Spiral Cable Supply?
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    How Does Fengy Ensure High-Quality Spiral Cable Supply?

At Fengy, quality is our top priority. We implement strict quality control processes for every coil cable we manufacture, ensuring that each product meets our stringent standards for performance and reliability.

Our nonstop dedication to improving spiral cord technology allows us to be at the top of the market by producing products that outperform in terms of flexibleness, strength and functionality. Fengy paired with our incomparable services towards customers stands as your best companion for spiral cable needs.

Fengy factory
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    Why Choose Fengy Spiral Curly Cable?

    Constructed using strong components and designed to last, the Fengy Spiral Curly Cable is extremely flexible.

• Its corkscrew shape makes it move easily around corners and manage cables well where space is limited

• Superb signal transmission for quick charging and data transfer is made possible by its high-quality conductive core.

• It can be used with any device that has a USB Type-C, Micro-USB or Lightning connector

• Fengy backs its Spiral Curly Cable with a strong customer service team as well as an extensive warranty offer.

Requesting a Quote for Spiral Curly Cable

  • Understand customer requirements including length, AC outlets, and color.
  • Design and prototype spiral cable based on customer needs and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Produce models in bunches of 50-100 units depending on the availability of materials.
  • Every cable undergoes quality assurance tests to ensure that they meet the required standards before being shipped.
  • The maximum number of items that can be manufactured in a month is 50,000; this allows for prompt execution of orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spiral Curly Cable

Q: What factors determine the quality of a coil cable for industrial applications?

A: When determining whether or not a coiled cable is of good quality for use in industry, they are judged by what they are made from (PVC or PUR), their resistance to environmental factors like oil and abrasion, as well as how flexible they are; but also their ability to remember shape – which should be excellent. For example: the wires used with automated systems will need additional qualities such as being able withstand many cycles without breaking down due too frequent bending; this means that it must resist harsh conditions over time too.

Q: How can I get a quote for a custom coiled cord?

A: If you want to know how much a custom coiled cord will cost you usually have to provide some details about what you want like how long the cable should be when stretched out, what material should be used as wire (bare, unshielded etc.) and insulation type (PVC, PUR). You can contact their customer service or use an online form for getting quotes on a supplier’s website if they have one. Also consider telling them extra things about your project such as desired flexibility levels or certain features that need to withstand abrasion.

Q: How do spiral curly cables improve the organization and mobility of appliances and machines?

A: Among the uses of spiral curly cables or spring spiral coiled cables is their ability to organize and make appliances flexible through provision of a convenient method for handling those wires which must move together with the equipment. They were created in such a way that they can stretch out greatly without getting tangled or blocked; thus allowing devices to operate far from where they receive power without being disconnected. This feature makes these cables perfect for telecommunication, medical and industrial automation among other sectors.

Q: What types of industries commonly use coiled cords, and for what applications?

A: Due to the fact that they are so flexible and long-lasting, spiral cords have many uses in different fields. For example, in telecommunications they serve as handset cords; in medicine they connect lightweight and flexible devices by means of spiral cables; the automotive industry employs them for connecting within cars; automation industry utilizes them as connectors between moving machinery or equipment. They can be made from various materials which allows versatility in terms of what they can do and how long their lengths might need to be – this quality makes them useful for all sorts of things.

Q: Can coil cables be customized for specific applications, such as telecommunication or automation?

A: Absolutely, spiral cords can be very much personalized for specific uses like telecommunication and automation. This can be done by choosing different materials for the cable and the jacket so that they have better properties such as resistance to oil or abrasion, by deciding on how long the coil should go before it becomes straight again and how far it can stretch out altogether, or by selecting appropriate conductors and shields. Therefore one may create cables designed specifically for certain conditions under which they will be used thereby ensuring best results.

Q: How does the environment impact the selection of a coiled cord for an application?

A: The selection of a coiled cord is significantly influenced by the environment that it will be used in. Chemicals, oils, temperature extremes and physical wear (abrasion) are some of the things which determine what properties should be found in cords. For example; outdoor or industrial use may need materials such as PUR because they have better abrasion resistance and oil resistance compared to other types while indoor applications could opt for PVC due to its cheapness and flexibility among others. Knowing these conditions aids one in choosing a cord which will last without losing its quality with time.

Q: What considerations should be taken into account when ordering coiled cords in bulk?

A: When buying coiled cords in great numbers, reflect on your application’s particular demands such as the insulation kind (PVC or PUR), conductor requirements, coil length and any additional features like abrasion resistance or oil resistance. Moreover, it is important to evaluate how well a manufacturer can maintain high standards of production for coiled cables at all times; this includes looking at their lead times and customer service responsiveness too. Communicating efficiently about what you need while checking out if they have enough knowledge in the field would also help smoothen supply chain process with suppliers. Finally ask for discounts when buying large quantities so that it becomes cheaper to purchase them.

Q: How do I ensure the coiled cord I order fits the exact needs of my power supply requirements?

A: In order to keep the extension cable suitable for your power supply, spell out exact electrical demands, like voltage and current. Additionally, environmental conditions such as temperatures or chemicals it may be exposed to – should also be taken into consideration while choosing materials for this wire. The best way of getting a right cord is giving them detailed specifications like how long it should be when coiled up and how far it can stretch outwards.

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