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Spiral Coiled Wire Cable

Premium Spiral Power Cord Manufacturer in China

We use only the highest quality materials and advanced equipment to ensure that our Spiral Coiled Wire Cable are the best in China. These cords are strong, long-lasting and energy efficient – everything you need them to be. Get in touch with us now so we can share more details about what we offer!

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    Introducing Spring Wire Coiled Cable from Fengy

    Try the toughness, and goodness of Spiral Coiled Wire Cable by Fengy. It is best in many industries because it works better and lasts longer. Improve your tech today!

  • The Spiral Coiled Wire Cable is unique in its flexibility which makes it hard to break. It can be used for a very long time without any problems.
  • This type of design ensures that electricity flows smoothly because there are no weak points anywhere along the wire.
  • Made tough and strong enough to conduct electricity efficiently and safely across different areas of use.
  • It resists heat, cold and moisture so it can work under extreme conditions where other cords might fail thus increasing productivity.
  • It has features that give real value compared with other products within its range thereby enhancing performance and productivity.
  • When looking for a power transmission system that is both strong and reliable then this should be your first choice. I Would Suggest Upgrading Power Solutions
Spiral Coiled Wire Cable
Spiral Coiled Wire Cable

3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable For Sale

The 3*16 AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable is available at a discounted price. It is compatible for use with many different systems and is highly conductive as well. Buy it now and get an extra boost in performance!

3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -1
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -1
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -2
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -2
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -3
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -3
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -4
3*16AWG Spiral Coiled Wire Cable -4

Product Details:

This cable is called the 3*16AWG spiral coiled wire. It was made to be resistant to bending more than other cables, wear and becoming wet. Because of this it is often used for automation industrial equipment and robotic arms.


The wire has a very high flexibility, it can stretch up to five times the length of its original spring. The wire is equipped with anti-aging properties, weather resistance and torsion resistance, which greatly improves its durability and functionality.


  • Conductor: copper strands
  • Insulation: PVC mixture
  • Jacket: TPU
  • Sheath color: Black, light
  • Wrap: Non-woven fabric
  • Filling: PVC strip


This wire is the most appropriate for computerizing industrial machinery and robot arms, because it performs well always while enhancing productivity.

Spiral Power Cord Application
Spring Wire Coiled Cable Applications
Spiral Power Cord Application
Spring Wire Coiled Cable Applications

Technical Parameters

Cores/Core Section3*16AWG
Spiral Outer Diameter35±2.0mm
Spiral Coil LengthL1=L2=100±20mm
Each End LengthL1=L2=100±20mm
DirectionRight cabling
Core Wire ColorCustomizable based on user preference
Max. Conductor DC Resistance at 20¡æΩ/KM
Tensile Strength≧1.5kg/mm2 (insulation), ≧2.0kg/mm2 (sheath)
Elongation at Break≧200% (insulation), ≧300% (sheath)
How Do You Select The Right Spiral Power Cord For Your Application?
How Do You Select The Right Spiral Power Cord For Your Application?
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    How Do You Select The Right Spiral Power Cord For Your Application?

    The selection of the right Spiral Power Cord is essential in ensuring that equipment works at its best.

  • To choose a cord with the right voltage and current ratings, you must evaluate the power requirements of your application.
  • When selecting a cord, take into account factors such as temperature, moisture, and exposure to UV light that may affect its material properties.
  • Make sure that the flexibility and coil retention of the cable are adequate for applications where it will be frequently moved or used in tight spaces.
  • Verify whether the cord complies with necessary safety standards and certifications to ensure reliable operation.
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    Benefits of Using Spiral Coiled Wire Cable

    Efficient energy transfer and flexibility are offered by Spiral Coiled Wire Cable which is very important in a wide range of technical applications.

  1. Spiral cords‘ retractable design reduces clutter, enhancing workspace organization and safety.
  2. Their high flexibility accommodates movement and rotation in machinery, reducing wear and tear.
  3. These cords are designed for durability, ensuring reliable performance even under harsh conditions.
  4. The spiral design allows for extended reach when necessary, aiding in versatile application usage.
Benefits of Using Spiral Power Cord
Benefits of Using Spiral Power Cord

Welcome to Our Spiral Coiled Wire Cable Factory!

Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Power Cord Needs?
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    Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Coiled Wire Cable Needs?

    Fengy provides high-quality Spiral Coiled Wire cables designed to meet diverse application needs.

  • Catering to different voltage and current needs, Fengy has a lot of cord types.
  • They are made for toughness so that they can work in difficult situations without failing.
  • Fengy’s strict safety guidelines mean all their products have the required certifications.
  • Fengy constantly updates what it sells to stay relevant with its consumers’ changing tastes and preferences in life today where even small things like cables matter more than ever before – such as those used by smartphones or computers.
  • Fengy customer service is always there to help you pick out which wire will be perfect for your situation.

Requesting a Quote for Spiral Coiled Wire Cable Solutions

To request a quote for spiral power cord solutions from Fengy, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Start Talking: Talk to our sales team who are always ready to assist you and talk about spiral power cords.
  2. Detail Your Changes: In case of any changes you would like to be done, ensure that you state them so that the spiral cords can suit your specific needs.
  3. Talk About Price Cuts For Large Orders: If you are ordering in bulk then enquire from us about discounted rates on such volumes which will help save money in the process as well.
  4. Ask for a Quote: Once everything is clear with what you want please ask us for prices on different types of spiral power cord options available.

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Greetings to the 2024 Spiral Power Cord guide. This manual will look at the various types of spiral power cords, how they are classified and used. It serves as a technical resource where professionals can get advice on which cord to use for what purpose. This guide is meant to help you stay up-to-date with current development in spiral power cord technologies as we move along very fast changing technological environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spiral Coiled Wire Cable, get onboard.

Q: What is a spiral power cord?

A: The spiral power cord is a bendy wire that lengthens and shortens, made for ease in uses where there is a need to move around.

Q: What are the typical applications of a spiral power cord?

A: These wires are used with transportable objects, health paraphernalia, sound gadgets and computers providing an active source of energy.

Q: What distinguishes a grade power cord from a standard one?

A: Power cords for grading conform to strict safety and performance standards that are not present in regular cords.

Q: How should I choose the appropriate spiral power cord?

A: Choose the best product for your needs depending on wire size, connector type, or cable length to achieve optimal compatibility and performance.

Q: Can spiral power cords be utilized with power strips or outlets?

A: Yes, they can connect to power strips and outlets so that multiple power sources are available in any setting.

Q: Where can one acquire a spiral power cord?

A: The article is available in many local stores, e-commerce sites like, and cable TV networks.

Q: Why use a hospital-grade coiled cord?

A: In medical facilities, machines are constructed with safety measures that are very strict so that they can serve as reliable sources of electricity and lower the chances of electric injury.

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