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Spiral Cable Wire

Top-Quality Spiral Cable Wire Manufacturer in China!

Greetings to Fengy, China’s number-one Spiral Cable Wire supplier. The reason why Fengy is a preferred option for Spiral Cable Wire is because it has consistently been on top in terms of quality and creativity. Our spiral cable wire is robust, dependable and made for best performance. Regardless of whether you require this product for industrial machinery; electronics; automotive purposes etc., just get in touch with us! Ask about bulk prices by calling our hotline now!

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    Introducing Spiral Cable Wire from Fengy

    Count on Fengy’s trustworthy technology for every wiring requirement.

• Ideal performance requires frequent resetting and long use

• Durability is assured by a flexible copper wire conductor with PE insulation covered by TPU jacket

• Sheaths come in either black or light color

• Non-woven cloth wrapping and PVC filling of the strip are additional safety features provided

• Such as high tensile strength, good elasticity, flexibility, oil resistance

Spiral Cable Wire

Spiral Cable Wire for sale

Quality assurance is our top concern at Fengy. We follow strict quality control methods to produce spiral cable wires that meet the highest standards of performance and durability. If you choose us as your spiral cable wire supplier, you can be sure of receiving a trustworthy and durable product.

Spiral Cable Wire Technical Parameters

Conductormaterialsoft copper
Outer diameter0.65mm
The thinnest point of thickness0.275mm
Standard thickness0.25mm
Outer diameter1.2±0.1mm
Cabledirectionright cabling
fillingPVC strip
wrapnon woven fabric
wire shield/
The thinnest point of thickness0.8mm
Sheathstandard thickness0.58mm
Outer diameter5.4±0.2mm
Outer diameter19±2.0mm
Spiralspiral cable600±20mm
The largest dc resistance of conductor(20℃)78Ω/km
Test voltageAC1000V/5min
Test itemInsulationSheath
Before agingtensile strength≧1.5kg/mm2≧2.5kg/mm2
break elongation≧R200%≧300%
Aging condition110±2℃X168h
After agingtensile strength change rate≧70% of original value≧65% of original value
break elongation change rate≧70% of original value≧65% of original value
combustion testVW-1, FT1


Conductor: Soft copper wire

Insulation: PE

Jacket: TPU

Sheath Color: Black, light

Wrap: Non-woven fabric

Filling: PVC strip

Technical Specifications:

– Cores/Core Section: 6 strands of 0.25mm² each

– Spiral Outer Diameter: 19±2.0mm

– Spiral Coil Length (L): 600±20mm

– Length of Each End (L1=L2): 150±20mm

– Cabling Direction: Right

– Core Wire Color: Customizable

– Maximum Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃: 78Ω/km

– Tensile Strength: ≥1.5kg/mm² (Insulation), ≥2.5kg/mm² (Sheath)

– Elongation at Break: ≥200% (Insulation), ≥300% (Sheath)

Benefits of Using Spiral Cable Wire
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    Benefits of Using Spiral Cable Wire

    Here are some important advantages and factors to think about:

  • Spiral cable wire provides excellent cable management by protecting wires from abrasion and wear while keeping workspaces tidy and organized.
  • Their helical structure allows them to avoid tangling and be more flexible than straight cords.
  • The wires hold a clean working environment and guard cabling against destruction.
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    Customizing Your Spiral Cable Wire Solutions with Fengy

    Here are the possibilities for modifying your spiral cable wire solutions at Fengy:

1. Options to Personalize Color and Lengths

You can choose from a large variety of colors and lengths to create the spiral cable wire that you need.

2. Spiral Cable Wire Designs that are Resistant and Flexible

We do not only make flexible designs but also those which can resist wear and tear effectively.

3. The Correct Spiral Cable Wire for Your Application

Our professionals will aid in determining the right spiral cable wire to use in your application so as to achieve maximum productivity.

Customizing Your Spiral Cable Wire Solutions with Fengy
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose Fengy for Your Spiral Cable Wire Needs?

    Fengy is a leading brand in the spiral cable wire industry for various factors.

  • Our spiral cables catalog is filled with many different kinds of wire for various applications.
  • Over time, we have gained knowledge about how to produce excellent quality spiral cable wires.
  • We know that all clients are different and so we provide personalized services by making special products for you.

Requesting a Quote for Spiral Cable Wire Solutions

There are many steps to request a quote for Spiral Cable Wire Solutions. Here is an outline:

1. Create a Request for Quote (RFQ)

A RFQ is a document that tells suppliers what you want and asks them to tell you how much it will cost. It should include things like the product’s material type, cable diameter, coiling method used, and any other pertinent specifications.

2. Examine Quotes

Once suppliers send their quotes in, it’s time to look over each one based on price alone or along with quality, delivery time frame given by different companies as well as their reputation among others.

3. Buy

After choosing which company should supply these goods or services; simply follow through with its ordering process so they can start working on them too whether this means signing contracts; paying up front fees etcetera just confirm orders accordingly

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The spiral cable wire, also known as the coiled cable or retractable cable, is designed to be more flexible and durable than any other cables in places where the adjustment of cable length and space saving are necessary. The traditional cords have fixed size which does not allow them to change along with new designs or movements, unlike the spiral cord that can stretch because it has got a helical pattern; hence most suitable for mobile and extensible devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Spiral Cable Wire, get onboard.

Q: How can I determine the suitable spiral cable wire for my needs?

A: In order to choose the right spiral cable for your application, you need to take into account factors like what length and thickness are required, what temperature rating is needed, and any specific electrical specifications it should meet.

Q: Are spiral cable wires more resistant to wear and tear compared to traditional cable wires?

A: Yes, spiral cable wires are generally more resistant to damage because of their coiled cover configuration that allows for greater pliability and strength.

Q: Can spiral cable wires be used for both indoor and outdoor applications?

A: Yes, spiral cable wires are universally applicable both inside and outside places, which ensures its dependability amid different conditions.

Q: What are the advantages of using spiral cable wrap in wire harness applications?

A: In different electrical and electronic gadgets, the spiral cable wrap gives a good safeguard and arrangement for bunches of wires plus it also provides flexibility, strain relief and better cable control.

Q: How do spiral cable wires help in maintaining a neat and organized wiring setup?

A: The spiral shape of spiral cable wires enables them to be easily bound and directed along — a neat, methodical wiring scheme that is free from knots and twists.

Q: Where can I purchase high-quality spiral cable wires?

A: You can contact us. You can also purchase high-quality spiral cable wires from reputable distributors, online shops, or directly from manufacturers who specialize in cable and wire products.

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