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Top Coil Cords Manufacturer - Fengy

Fengy is a company in China that produces personalized coil cords. It is the number one seller of these products in the country and offers a variety of services for different uses. Any organization can benefit from our knowledge about wires as well as adherence to international norms which help us meet their needs better than anyone else.

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    Introducing Coil Cords from Fengy

    All industrial printers and controllers require the perfect solution, which is coil cords manufactured by Fengy.

• These wires are made of copper with high level of purity for them to be conductive and durable.

• They are also highly durable, flexible and resistant to wear which make them suited for use in industries that need a lot from the cords.

• The flexibility enables them to withstand frequent bending, twisting or stretching so as not to affect their functionality

• They can also resist UV rays from the sun but still work under different weather conditions because they are water proof and weather proof too.

• They have been manufactured basing on certain quality criteria set by experts in this field hence meeting all these requirements will ensure good performance as well as safety measures being followed accordingly.

• For industrial operations where there is no room for error connection must be reliable and continuous throughout.

Introducing Coil Cords from Fengy

Soft 2x0.2mm2 Coil Cords for sale

Today, you should purchase the best Soft 2x0.2mm2 Coil Cords! They are built to transmit power efficiently and can be used in many different situations. Order one now and see how it elevates your setup!


Conductor: Soft copper wire

Insulation: PVC

Jacket: PVC

Sheath Color: White

Wrap: Non-woven fabric

Filling: PVC strip

Technical Specifications:

– Cores/Core Section: 2×0.2mm²

– Spiral Outer Diameter: 23±2.0mm

– Spiral Coil Length: L=250±10mm

– Length of Each End: L1=L2=200±10mm

– Cabling Direction: Right

– Core Wire Color: Customizable

– Maximum Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃: 97.5Ω/km

– Test Voltage: 1000V/1min

– Tensile Strength: ≥1.5kg/mm² (Insulation), ≥2.0kg/mm² (Sheath)

– Elongation at Break: ≥200% (Insulation), ≥300% (Sheath)

User Manual

Product: Spiral Cable

Rated Voltage: 300/300V

Rated Temperature: 70℃

Compliance: UL758-2008


Ideal for Industrial Printers and Controllers

Key Features:

Durable, Flexible, High Resilience, UV and Weather Resistant

Coil Cords Technical parameters

ItemSpecification Value
ConductorMaterialSoft copper wire
Standard Thickness0.3mm
the thinnest Thickness0.18mm
fillingPVC strip
WrapNon-woven fabric
ItemSpecification Value
Shielding method/
SheathStandard Thicknes0.7mm
the thinnest Thickness0.50mm
ItemSpecification Value
Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM)97.5Ω/km
Test voltageAC1000V/1min
Test objectInsulationSheath
Before agingtensile strength≧1.5kg/mm2≧2.0kg/mm2
Elongation at break≧200%≧300%
Aging condition110±2℃X168h
After agingtensile strength≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Elongation at break≧70%Original value≧65%Original value

Coil Cords Sectional Drawing

Coil Cords Sectional Drawing
Coil Cords Sectional Drawing
Custom Coiled Cords Manufacturer
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    Exploring the Range of Options for Coil Cords

    Provides different types of wires for coil cords, serving electrical, data and telecom purposes.

  • Enables one to meet the requirements by allowing them to choose the gauge, material and insulation of a wire
  • Offers different types of jackets (polyurethane, PVC, thermoplastic elastomers) which vary in terms of flexibility, durability and environmental resistance.
  • It makes end connectors compatible with equipment through customization. These connectors can either be electrical or specialized plugs or even unique terminations.
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose Custom Coil Cords from Fengy?

    Created for the purpose of superior performance, reliability, and flexibility, custom cords are not like any other.

  • Being in business for many years producing spiral cords we are known as reliable makers of special cords too.
  • The company’s standards are high, and they comply with all safety rules so that their products meet clients’ requirements, which makes them trustworthy to order custom spiral cords.
  • When you buy custom made spirals from us, you get individualized answers, quality materials that last long and skills of an experienced artisan.

How to Place an Order for Custom Coil Cords?

  • Reaching out to Fengy: With you, we will be closely working so that we can comprehend what you want in relation to coil cords thus giving suggestions which are specific to your requirements.
  • The process of ordering: Our aim is to ensure that we meet all your needs accurately and deliver custom made coiled wires within the time you have agreed on so as to make it easy for you when making an order with us.
  • Talking About Your Application Needs : Just let us know what kind of applications do these wires serve? From there onwards let our company take care about everything else concerning their customization.

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Coil cords, also called retractable cables or curly cords, are electrical cables made to expand and contract like a spring. This exclusive characteristic allows for not only variable length but also eliminates problems with knots or slackness which makes it perfect for places where space saving and wire organization is important. Made from strong stuffs that can accommodate different kinds of conductors, these strings are able to meet broad range electric and signaling needs too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Coil Cords , get onboard.

Q: What are coil cords?

A: Coiled cables, also called spiral cords, are wires that can be stretched or pulled back to a specific distance; they are used in different contexts because of their convenience and ability to save space.

Q: Can I order coil cords in different colors?

A: Indeed, if you buy custom springy wires, usually there is an opportunity to pick among various shades that will suit your particular wants or meet the branding demands.

Q: Are there coiled cords available in stock?

A: A few manufacturers might be having coiled cords in their warehouses for direct sales, but they are more common with custom requests so that the cords can be made specifically to fit your needs.

Q: What is the advantage of using retractile coiled cords?

A: The neatness and organization of the working space can be achieved by retractile coiled cords that extend when necessary and withdraw when not in use; thereby minimizing confusion and tangling.

Q: What is the process of getting custom coil cords manufactured?

A: Typically the process involves getting in touch with a manufacturer who is specialized, telling them about what you want in terms of length, color and assembly (if necessary) and any other requirements or details that may be needed – then waiting for their quotation on those customised coil cables.

Q: Can coil cords be customized for specific applications?

A: Certainly, by changing the length, flexibility, connectors and color among others can custom coil cords be made to fit specific uses?

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