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Coil Cable

Leading Coil Cable Manufacturer in China - Fengy

If you are looking for coil cables that are made of high quality and provided by a reliable manufacturer, then look no further than Fengy/Coil Cable. It is one of the best coil cable manufacturers in China. We make coils that can be used in many different ways and have the highest performance possible. In addition to this, we also offer customization services and accept orders in bulk quantities.

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    Introducing Coil Cable from Fengy

    Introduce the Fengy coil cable that is built with novelty and long-lasting capability.

• Noteworthy qualities feature the ability to withstand high or low temperatures, strongness, oil proofing, wearing off quality, tenacity, wet proofing, not being affected by age and weather, as well as moisture resistance.

• Suitable for many different uses in the industry

• It has great stretchability springiness cold-proof properties and ecological safety

• Can be used with heavy-duty tower lights

• Anywhere you need a dependable, long-lasting coil cable, think Fengy.

Coil Cable
Coil Cable

High flexible 8*0.25mm2 coil cable for heavy duty tower light

It shows great results in terms of heat and cold resistance, hardness, oil resistance, wear resistance, tenacity, waterproofing ability, and anti-aging and weathering properties. What is more, it has a high moisture-proofing capacity, windproof properties, antibacterial and antimycotic features, UV light stability, and environmental acceptance.


Conductor: Oxygen-free copper wire

Insulation: PE

Jacket: Premium imported TPU

Sheath Color: Black

Filling: PVC strip

Wrap: Non-woven fabric

Technical Specifications:

– Cores/Core Section: 8 strands of 0.25mm2 each

– Spiral Outer Diameter: 23mm ±2mm

– Length: extendable up to 2 meters

– L1: 200mm ±10mm, L2: 100mm ±10mm

– Maximum Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃: 76Ω/km

– AC Test Voltage: 1000V for 5 minutes

– Tensile Strength: ≥2.0kg/mm2 (insulation), ≥2.5kg/mm2 (sheath)

– Elongation at Break: ≥280% (insulation), ≥410% (sheath)

Product Manual

Product: Spiral Cable

Rated Voltage: 300/300V

Operating Temperature: 90℃

Compliance Standards: IEC 60228, VW 50123, EN 50363-10-2, EN 50525-2-12:2011

Spiral Power Cable Technical parameters

ItemSpecification Value
ConductorMaterialOxygen free copper wire
The thinnest Thickness0.22mm
Standard Thickness0.3mm
fillingPVC strip
WrapNon-woven fabric
ItemSpecification Value
Shielding method/
SheathMaterialImported high quality TPU
The thinnest Thickness0.82mm
Standard Thickness1.0mm
(L)stretched to 2m
ItemSpecification Value
Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM)76Ω/km
Test voltageAC1000V/5min
Test objectInsulationSheath
Before agingTensile strength≧2.0kg/mm2≧2.5kg/mm2
Elongation at break≧280%≧410%
Aging condition110±2℃X168h
After agingTensile strength≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Elongation at break≧70%Original value≧65%Original value
Combustion test

spiral coiled power cable Sectional drawing

Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY Coiled Cable?

  • The Fengy Coil Cable has the ability to resist high and low temperatures; it is strong, resistant to oil, abrasion, toughness, water, aging as well as weathering and moisture for use in various industries.
  • It is also characterized by great flexibility, bounciness or elasticity, cold resistance and environmental friendliness.
  • Its robust design allows for heavy duty applications like tower lights.
  • Because of its good resistance properties and quality materials used in making it therefore can be used reliably under different environments – this is what makes Fengy’s Coil Cable reliable.

Requesting a Quote for spiral coiled power cable

  • Understand what the customer wants, this includes the length they want their cable to be as well as whether or not it needs an AC outlet plug and what color they would prefer.
  • Design spiral cords based on given parameters and considering manufacturability.
  • Make small quantities of samples (usually around 50-100) dependent on material supply.
  • Inspect each cable rigorously for quality before sending them out, ensuring they meet our high standards.
  • We can produce up to 50000 items per month in order to keep up with demand and ship things quickly.

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Understand how spiral coiled power cords can help to ensure that your device remains powered on in an ever-changing technological environment. Find out about how they are made, what benefits they offer over regular cords and where you should use them instead. Additionally, gain some useful advice on what type of cord is best for your needs if you want improved durability or performance from your devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Coiled Cable

Q: What are the benefits of using a spiral coiled power cable?

A: The spiral coiled power cables have many benefits such as stronger durability, flexibility, tangling and stretching resistance increase. They are perfect in places with limited spaces since they can stretch out when required and then draw back to their initial forms hence reducing mess. Furthermore, they provide a good-looking answer for controlling the supply of electricity wires at homes or offices.

Q: Can spiral cord power supplies be used outdoors?

A: Yeah, a lot of spiral cord power supplies are created for use outside. Cables can be labeled as outdoor-rated which is what you should look for. One example of this is the Iron Forge Cable SJEOW or ft black outdoor coiled extension cord. They make these cords out of materials such as PVC which are resistant to moisture, sunlight and even extreme temperatures so they work great in all sorts of weather!

Q: What should I consider when looking for a power strip with retractable coiled cables?

A: When seeking a power strip that comes with cables which are coiled and retractable, you should keep in mind the length of the cable when it is fully extended, the number of outlets available, the strength of the housing and any other features like surge protection. You also need to make sure it meets your device’s power needs and has been UL certified for safety and reliability.

A: Correct, for power tools that are heavy duty, it is suggested to use coiled cords that can handle higher power requirements like Iron Forge Cable SJEOW or 18 AWG power tool cords. These types of cords are built to withstand larger amounts of electric charge needed by machines and provide them with long life in spite of being used under rough conditions.

Q: How do I choose the right spiral power supply cable for my monitor or laptop?

A: When choosing a spiral power supply cable for your monitor or laptop, you should take into account its voltage and the connector type it needs. You have to find a retractable coiled cord that is compatible with your device in terms of technical characteristics (like 2-prong or 3-prong AC power cord), as well as length which should be sufficient for moving around but still keeping everything tidy on your desktop.

Q: Do I need a quote for custom coiled cord power solutions?

A: Absolutely. If there are any specific requirements for coiled cord power solutions which are not met by the standard ones, it is always good to ask for a quotation from manufacturers such as Customized solutions may entail; different lengths, connector types, shielding choices or conductor numbers among others so as to fit your application perfectly well.

Q: What kind of maintenance do spirally coiled power cables require?

A: Power cords that are spirally coiled need very little maintenance done on them and should be visually checked for signs of wearing out or getting destroyed. Avoid stretching the cord too much and make sure it retracts properly. Keep the cords clean so as to not create a potential fire hazard by allowing debris inside them. If any parts are found damaged, replace them immediately so that they remain safe and dependable.

Q: Can retractable coiled cables be used with any appliance?

A: Rearing cable springs may be used with several appliances; nevertheless, one must make sure the voltage, current rating and connector type of these cables match those required by an appliance. You should not use rearing cable springs for devices that demand power beyond their rating because this might destroy such device or pose danger to safety.

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