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Solar Cable 4mm

High-Quality Solar Cable 4mm - Direct from China Supplier

Are you in need of trustworthy solar cables for your solar panel installations? Search no more. FENGY is a reputable producer and supplier of premium solar wires such as the well-known 4mm size. You can trust that you are getting the best value for money with our prices direct from China on first-class goods. Our wires have been designed to last longer while maximizing performance of your solar energy systems.

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    Introducing Solar Cable 4mm From Fengy

    Fengy’s 4mm Solar Cable is good for use in a range of different environments because it has high conductivity and can withstand tough conditions due to its tin plated copper conductor and XLPO insulation. It is safe certified by TUV Rheinland and therefore ideal for both photovoltaic systems as well as industrial applications.

  • The 4mm Solar Cable has a tin-copper conductor that ensures high conductivity and efficient energy transmission.
  • With XLPO insulation it has the ability to work in different places due to the temperature range of -20°C to +90°C.
  • TUV certification is a safety measure that ensures strict adherence to safety and performance standards.
  • Good conductance, low resistance, and strength against mechanical forces are achieved by an inner core made from copper wire which is free from oxygen while outside it has high density Polyvinyl Chloride insulator.
  • This can be applied in industrial settings to improve efficiency or for use within Photovoltaic systems.
  • The incorporation of this cable promotes sustainable energy solutions with higher productivity.
Solar Cable 4mm
Solar Cable 4mm

Solar Cable 4mm for sale

Solar cables that are 4 millimeters in diameter and can be used for outdoor lighting and photovoltaic systems are in stock. Additionally, we have wires with oxygen-free copper cores, UV resistance, and compliance to IEC60228 class standards.

Product Description

4mm Solar Cables Industry-Specific Attributes

Insulation MaterialPVC
Conductor MaterialCopper
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
Model Numbersolar cable
TypeHigh Voltage
Product namePV Solar Battery Cable Wire for Solar Panel
Rated voltageAC 1000V DC 1500V
Conductor MaterialCopper
ApplicationSolar Power Station/Solar power System
Number of CoresSingle / Twin
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's 4mm Solar Cables?

    FENGY’s 4 mm Solar Cables are considered the best because they manage their quality in production, price themselves competitively, offer customization options, deliver quickly and have expert technical support.

  • Quality Control: We monitor every part of production for our 4mm Solar Cables because we are the original factory and want them to be perfect.
  • Affordable Rates: We eliminate costs by selling directly from our factory so that we can offer reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Personalization: You get what you need with a variety of options made just for you – it’s like having your own personal product designer!
  • Fast shipping: Our quick order processing system guarantees that all orders will be processed within a day or two, which means quick delivery times too!
  • Tech Support: Need help? Ask us! If there’s anything technical related then we’ve got experts waiting by ready to assist.

Requesting a Quote for Solar Cables 4mm

How to Ask for a Quote for 4mm Solar Cables:

  1. In order to accurately provide the information that you need, it is important that we know all of the details about what you want.
  2. It’s necessary to communicate your exact requirements when availing customized services.
  3. To get started kindly complete the inquiry form by filling in all required fields then submit it. Our technical team will get back at you within 24 hours.
  4. If you are ordering more than 10 items, we can send samples if they are available.

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To guarantee the best operation and longevity of your solar power system, it is important to select suitable photovoltaic cables. In fact, any other 4mm cables are supposed to be chosen after considering some aspects such as current carrying capacity, voltage ratings as well as suitability in different surroundings. This write-up will discuss these considerations one by one and provide a complete manual that can assist you in making knowledgeable choices for your solar installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about 4mm Solar Cable, go ahead ! 

Q: What Defines 4mm Solar Cables And Their Significance In Solar Energy Systems?

A: It is essential for a 4mm solar cable to join solar panels and inverters which is necessary for efficient DC transfer from the panels to the inverter.

Q: How Can I Determine The Need For 4mm Solar Cables In My System?

A: Use manufacturers’ instructions and system wattage to determine if 4mm cables should be used in your solar panel setup.

Q: What Makes Solar DC cables Different From Standard DC cables?

A: DC cables that produce electricity from the sun are different. This is because they are made to withstand solar conditions that cannot be found elsewhere. This means working in high and low temperatures as well as withstanding a variety of weather patterns for long periods without failing or getting damaged.

Q: Is Substituting Solar Cables With Regular Electrical Wires Viable?

A: Ordinary cables do not have the proper protective covering that solar wires have, which is why they cannot be used for solar systems.

Q: What Criteria Are Vital When Selecting 4mm Solar Cables?

A: Performance and safety of your solar system depend on the voltage rating, current capacity, weather resistance, and cable quality evaluation.

Q: Are 4mm Solar Cables User-Friendly In Terms Of Installation?

A: Yes, 4mm Solar Cables are designed to be flexible and easy to use, enabling simple installations for professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers.

Q: What Safety Practices Are Essential When Handling 4mm Solar Cables?

A: Make sure to turn off the system, put on protective clothing, stay away from excess cables, and follow all safety precautions and instructions given by the manufacturer.

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