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USB to DC Power Cable

Top Supplier of USB to DC Power Cable from China

In China, we are one of the best USB to DC power cable suppliers. Quality, dependability and innovativeness are our strong suits. We have created these cables for use in various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras among others which need steady and efficient power supply. If you want a trustworthy Chinese supplier that deals with USB-DC converter cords; then look nowhere else but here!

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    Introducing USB to DC Power Cable from Fengy

    Fengy recently launched their newest creation; the USB to DC Power Cable. The cable is created to connect DC power sources with USB devices conveniently.

•This cable is adaptable for charging and supplying power to different devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras among others.

• It’s designed to be small and light which makes it perfect for travel.

• The cable is made tough so that it can withstand being used every day in all sorts of weather conditions or extreme temperatures.

• This plug-and-play design doesn’t require any additional software or drivers which means anyone can use it.

• Overall, the USB to DC Power Cable from Fengy is a must-have accessory for professionals and tech-savvy individuals who need to stay connected and powered up on the go.

USB to DC Power Cable
USB to DC Power Cable

USB to DC Power Cable for sale

USB to DC Power Cable is Now Available! Fengy has unveiled its latest product: a cable that converts USB power into direct current (DC) electricity. With this device, you can ensure stable connections for all your electronic gadgets.

USB to DC Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Industry-specific attributes
Insulation MaterialPVC
Conductor MaterialCopper
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
Connector typeusb to dc cable
The materialPVC
Products StatusStock
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's USB to DC Power Cable?

    FENGY is the top choice for purchasing a USB to DC Power Cable.

• So as to maintain durability and reliability, they make use of materials that are of high quality.

• Their prices are competitive so you will not have to break the bank.

• Customers have a choice of customizable options for meeting their specific needs.

• FENGY is proud of its fast turnaround times which ensure timely delivery.

• For their friendly and knowledgeable team at FENGY, excellent customer service tops all other priorities.

Requesting a Quote for USB to DC Power Cable

  • Find out what kind of DC connector your device needs.
  • You should state the voltage and amperage that your device needs.
  • Know how long of a cable you need.
  • You should specify any color or additional connectors that you need.
  • Look at multiple suppliers and get quotes to make sure you get the best price and quality for what you need.
  • Check if the supplier can provide UL or CE certifications for the cable.
  • Think about how quickly they can ship it to you and their lead time.

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Shop the best USB to DC power cable solutions for your devices. Find the perfect charger at great prices with fast shipping options. Order online now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about USB to DC Power Cable,go ahead !

Q: What is a USB to DC Power Cable?

A: The USB to DC Power Cable is a connector that links devices needing DC power with the USB port for power provision.

Q: What kind of plug does a USB to DC Power Cable typically have?

A: A power cable that connects USB to DC usually comes with a male plug (2.1 mm) on one end of the DC side and a male plug (USB A) on the other.

Q: How can I determine the correct cable for my device?

A: Examine the power input requirements of the device. If it asks for a USB port and describes a 2.1mm DC plug, then you should be able to use a USB to DC Power Cable with a male 2.1mm plug.

Q: What is the voltage output of a USB to DC Power Cable?

A: The output voltage of five volts direct current is provided by almost every USB to DC power cable, which coincides with a typical USB charger.

Q: Can I use a USB to DC Power Cable with my computer's USB port to power my device?

A: Yes, just make sure the power needs of your device are compatible with the USB port and cable’s output.

Q: How do I know if a USB to DC Power Cable is compatible with my device?

A: To determine if a male 2.1 mm DC plug is necessary and if the device can be powered by a USB port, check it; if yes, then you should use the cable.

Q: Are there different lengths available for USB to DC Power Cables?

A: To suit what you want, many different lengths of cables which change USB into DC power are available.

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