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Us Power Cable

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Need an honest US power cable seller? Choose FENGY/ US Power Cable, the best China-based supplier with superior goods that meet global requirements. No matter if you want it for home or industrial use; we’ve got all your needs covered in terms of power cables.Trust FENGY/ US Power Cable for your needs. Contact us now for a quote!

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    Introducing Us Power Cable from Fengy

    Fengy's Us Power Cable is a reliable and efficient solution for all power needs.

• Utilizes only the finest components and cutting-edge innovation to guarantee safe power distribution on a continuous basis.

• Superb quality and efficiency are maintained even with electrical apparatuses that require more power than usual.

• Designed for residential as well as commercial purposes.

• All safety standards and regulations are complied with by this item.

• Change over to Fengy’s Us Power Cable if you want your electricity supply upgraded without any problems or failures.

Us Power Cable
Us Power Cable

Us Power Cable for sale

This US Power Cable is the best way to power your devices! You can’t pass up this chance to buy a charging cable that will last you forever. Buy it now so that you can enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that you’re always connected to electricity.

Us Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Male End TypeNEMA 6-15P
Female End TypeIEC C13
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFengytec
Model Number6-15P to C13
TypeDC Power Cord
ApplicationConsumer Electronics
Plug StandardUS
IP LevelIP11
AC Outlets Quantity7 Outlets
Cable Length0.8M
ApplicationsHome Applications
Product NameNema 6-15P to C13 power cord
Male ConductorNema 6-15P
Female ConductorIEC C13
LengthCustomerized Length
SampleSample for Evaluation
Rated Voltage125V
Packaging Detailscarton/wooden box
PortShangHai, ShenZhen,NingBo
Supply Ability100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Fengy factory
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    Why choose FENGY's Us Power Cable?

  • It protects from external disturbances and thus reduces the risks of leakages and dangers.
  • It has a separate structure with an ergonomic design, a strong probe holder and a convenient handle for transport.
  • This is in line with the 2010 CEA regulations that are applicable and meets all safety as well as performance requirements.
  • It has been displayed during trade shows where it also got acknowledged by experts from relevant authorities.
  • It can be modified to fit any given requirement or specification.

Requesting a Quote for Us Power Cable

1. Please choose or identify what kind of product you want.

2. If you’re looking for custom-made services, please state your exact requirements.

3. Kindly complete the contact form below with relevant information. Our tech support will reach out within a day!

4. For quantities above 10 units, we are able to supply samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Us Power Cable

Q: What types of NEMA plugs are commonly used for AC power cords in the USA?

A: In the United States, NEMA 5-15P plugs are used in AC power cords most frequently, followed by NEMA 1-15, NEMA 6-15, and NEMA 5-20. These have varying amperages and uses; however, NEMA 5-15P is considered as the standard for a lot of household appliances.

Q: Can you explain the difference between C13 and C5 connectors?

A: Sure, the C13 and C5 plugs provide power for different devices. Computer cords, monitors, and big office machines usually use C13 connections while C5 connections also known as “Mickey Mouse” connectors due to their shape are normally used with laptop AC adapters and certain types of projectors.

Q: How important are customer reviews in selecting a AC power cord for my computer?

A: It’s important to read customer reviews when buying an AC power cord because they give you a real person’s opinion on the quality, durability, and compatibility of the product with certain devices. Positive feedback may suggest that this is a trustworthy item; however, if there are many negative comments, then it might be worth considering other options.

Q: What should I look for in product information before purchasing a AC power cable?

A: You must verify the product description for length, gauge (for example, 16 AWG or 18AWG), connector type (C13, C5, NEMA 5-15P), compatible devices and other specifications before you buy an AC power cable. Also ensure that it meets your device’s power needs and is safety certified.

Q: How can I find a power cord with a specific adapter like NEMA 5-15p to NEMA 5-15R?

A: If you want to look for an electrical cord that has a certain type of connector (e.g., NEMA 5-15P) that can be plugged into another type of connector (e.g., NEMA 5-15R), then the best places are websites. But please mention what kind of adapter it is and how long should this wire be so that it fits your needs.

Q: What is the significance of cord length and gauge in computer power cords?

A: There are many reasons why the size and width of a computer power cord are important. For one, its length specifies how far the gadget can be situated from an electrical outlet, whereas gauge (e.g., 16 AWG) affects a cable’s electric resistance and ability to carry current without getting too hot. Thus, safety and proper functioning demand that we choose the right sizes for our cables in terms of both length and gauge.

Q: Why is grounding important in AC power cables?

A: Grounding is important in AC power cables since it offers a safe passage for the electric current to return to the earth when there are short-circuits or electrical failures. This prevents people from getting electrocuted and safeguards electrical appliances by blocking any harm that could be caused by voltage upswings.

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