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PS5 Power Cable

Top Supplier of PS5 Power Cable from China

Fengy PS5 Power Cable is known for being durable, efficient and affordable. Whether you’re an experienced gamer wanting to replace your current power cable or a new PS5 owner setting up the console for the first time, knowing about Fengy’s PS5 Power Cable will help you choose better.

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    Introducing PS5 Power Cable from Fengy

    The Fengy PS5 Power Cable is a high-quality gaming accessory made for the PlayStation 5.

• For continuous playing, it gives a power supply which is stable and dependable.

• Its durability and efficiency are guaranteed by the advanced technology used in making the cable and the materials of highest quality.

• It can serve as an alternative for power cords that have been damaged or lost.

• The PS5 Power Cable performs better than other ordinary cables.

• Fengy suggests that you use this product with their gaming accessories to create an all-inclusive experience.

• If stored properly and handled right, this wire will last longer than usual.

• Have faith in Fengy’s commitment towards improving your gaming experience through their creative items.

PS5 Power Cable
PS5 Power Cable

PS5 Power Cable for sale

Fengy is the only website you need for all your gaming accessory requirements. We have top-of-the-line power cords for PS5 that are made to give your console stable and safe electricity, resulting in error-free gaming every time. Please reach out to us regarding cost or stock information.

PS5 Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Industry-specific attributes
Compatible PlatformFOR PS3, for PS4, FOR XBOX ONE S, for PS4 slim, For PS5
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Private MoldNO
Brand NameOEM
Model NumberOEM
TypeRelevant Tools
Compatible PlatformPS2
Packaging and delivery
Packaging DetailsOPP Bag
Selling UnitsSingle item
Single package size8X2X2 cm
Single gross weight0.090 kg
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's PS5 Power Cable?

• Quality Assurance: In the source factory, strict controls are put in place to ensure that all PS5 Power Cables are up to standard before they are shipped out.

• Cost-Effective: Directly ordering from the source factory saves a lot of money since intermediaries or distributors are not involved.

• Customization Options: There is an option of getting cables made at variable lengths with unique features from the source factory.

• Fast and Reliable Delivery: Being situated in China which serves as one among the most effective global shipping hubs enables them deliver orders fast enough reliably anywhere across the world.

• Excellent Customer Service: The team has a customer care desk that works tirelessly towards meeting needs hence ensuring every buyer has good experience.

Requesting a Quote for PS5 Power Cable

Careful research and supplier choice helps ensure the right cable at a fair price.

  • It considers compatibility, quality, and safety when requesting a PS5 power cable quote.
  • This is a research on reputable suppliers of gaming accessories with good reputation for quality.
  • It gives the suppliers information about models and specifications of consoles so that they can make accurate quotes.
  • It asks for shipping costs and delivery times because these affect total cost and convenience of purchase.

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The PS5 utilizes a standardized power interface, employing the use of a C7 power cable, commonly referred to as a "figure-8" cable due to its shape. This cable is universally adopted for many electronic devices, making it easily replaceable and widely available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about PS5 Power Cable

Q: What kind of power cables does the PS5 require?

A: To power the PS5 gaming system, an AC power cable is needed.

Q: Does the PS5 come with a power cord in the box?

A: Yes, the PS5 includes an AC power cord in the box.

Q: Can I use a different power cord with the PS5?

A: To guarantee safety and compatibility, it is advisable to use the provided power cord that comes together with the PS5.

Q: How much power does the standard PS5 power cable provide?

A: The PS5’s power cable is UL-certified and supplies 125V of electricity.

Q: Are there any replacement cables available for the PS5?

A: Yes, there are substitutes for the power cord of PS5 available in case you want a new one.

Q: Is it safe to use third-party power cables with the PS5?

A: In order to guarantee safety and compatibility, it is suggested that you use UL-certified power cables intended for the PS5.

Q: Can I use the same power cord for the PS4 and the PS5?

A: Yes, the power cord for the PS4 works with the PS5 too, which is convenient for people who have both gaming systems.

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