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PS4 Power Cable

Top Supplier of PS4 Power Cable from China

We are acknowledged as being one of the best PS4 Power Cable supplier in China and that’s why we have a wide range of selections for you to choose from. Our cables are long-lasting so they can provide stable power connections for your devices. If you need any help with PS4 Power Cables, let us know because we have skilled technicians who can assist you based on their experience within this industry. Contact us with your specific requirements today and order now!

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    Introducing PS4 Power Cable from Fengy

    For better device performance and efficiency, The Fengy PS4 Power Cable is worth every penny. This product can be used to meet all of your power supply needs. So you are advised to buy it now!

  • Fengy’s new PS4 Power Cable features a robust design constructed with high-quality materials for durability and reliable power supply, distinguishing it from competitors.
  • A cable is an important device in many different industries because of its high conductivity which in turn increases productivity and efficiency of gadgets. Its broad range of compatibility makes it possible to use with almost any type of equipment.
  • The PS4 Power Cable combines quality with affordability seamlessly. It is designed for specific power connections so that users can have a hassle-free experience when using it.
PS4 Power Cable
PS4 Power Cable

PS4 Power Cable for sale

Made in Shanghai, China, the Fengy PS4 Power Cable (Model 1-15P to C7) is an AC power cable that can be used for consumer electronics such as computers and AC adaptors. The cable has a Nema 1-15P male conductor and an IEC C7 female conductor which are customizable in length and it is rated at 125V.

Power Cable for Monitor Industry-Specific Attributes

Male End TypeNEMA 1-15P
Female End TypeIEC C7
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFengytec
Model Number1-15P to C7
TypeAC Power Cable
ApplicationConsumer Electronics
ApplicationsCOMPUTER, laptop computers, desktop PCs, ac adaptors
Product NameNema 1-15P to C 7 power cord
Conductor100% Copper
Male ConductorNema 1-15P
Female ConductorIEC C7
LengthCustomizable Length
SampleSample for Evaluation
Rated Voltage125V
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's PS4 Power Cable?

    Opting for FENGY’s PS4 power cable means getting a product which is reliable, versatile and high-performing enough to ensure that all your consumer electronic devices are effectively powered.

  1. Manufacturer’s Direct Prices: Use efficient costs with pricing directly from the company.
  2. Assured Quality: The reliability of the product is ensured by strict quality control processes.
  3. Flexibility in Customization: Adjust cable specifications to suit specific requirements.
  4. Fast Production Cycles: Shortened lead times enable quicker deliveries.
  5. Full Support: Technical assistance and customer service experts are at your disposal.

Requesting a Quote for PS4 Power Cable

  1. Initial Consultation: Reach out to our sales department for a talk about the PS4 Power Cable that you need.
  2. Specify Customization: Tell us if there’s a specific measurement or anything else we should know while creating it.
  3. Inquire about bulk pricing: Ask us how much it would cost in case you were to order many units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about PS4 Power Cable.

Q: Where can I find a retailer for top PS4 power cables?

A: At, Nyko Technologies, and gaming-accessory-focused electronics shops like those, you can buy the best power cords for the PlayStation 4. Feel free to reach out to us.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the features and benefits of PS4 power cables?

A: PS4 power cables are utilized to ensure a stable power supply for the Sony PlayStation 4. They come in lengths of either 4 or 6 feet and have UL certification, which means they meet certain safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Furthermore, these cords can be used with different PlayStation models such as PS3, PS2, PS4 Slim, and even the latest PS5 console.

Q: Is the AC power cord cable compatible with other gaming consoles like Xbox One X or PlayStation 5?

A: The power cable of the AC for Sony PlayStation 4 also is compatible with Xbox One X and PlayStation 5 as well, which means that it can be used as a multi-purpose power supply unit across different gaming platforms.

Q: How can I identify a high-quality replacement power cord for my PS4 or PS3 Slim?

A: You can distinguish top-notch alternative chargers by their 2-pin structure and particular suitability for various Sony PlayStation models such as PS4, PS3 Slim, and older ones like PS2.

Q: What are the key features of a 6ft AC power cord for Sony PlayStation consoles?

A: This six-foot power cord for the AC can be moved around when it comes to placing consoles near electrical outlets, which is useful for different types of gaming arrangements.

Q: Is the 6-foot power cord compatible with PS4 Slim or PS3 Super Slim models?

A: For instance, the 6-foot power cord is compatible with different PlayStation models like PS4 Slim and PS3 Super Slim to maintain a reliable power supply.

Q: Can I use the power cord cable as a replacement power source for my game console?

A: Game consoles can be powered continuously for gaming with no power interruptions by the power cord cable as a reliable substitute source of power.

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