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Power Cable for Monitor

Top Supplier of Power Cable for Monitor from China

As the best power monitor cable maker in China, we ensure that power is supplied continuously without any interruption for longer periods. Do not buy poor quality goods for your electronics because this poses a risk to them; you need safe products, which are ours. Please contact us now so that we can brief you about our items and match them with your requirements for power cords.

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    Introducing Power Cable for Monitor from Fengy

    One needs Fengy’s Monitor Power Cable as an accessory. It increases computing efficiency.

• The cable is built from durable materials ensuring reliability and long-term use.

• It guarantees constant power supply that minimizes blinking and other power problems

• Any type of monitor can work with this cable as it easily fits into their power inputs.

• Not only does its best length save space by eliminating tangling cables but also enable anyone even without technical knowledge to setup conveniently.

• This multi-purpose top quality wire is necessary for nonstop screen time and better computing practice.

Introducing Power Cable for Monitor from Fengy

Power Cable for Monitor for sale

You can buy power cable wires for monitors! If you need another or a substitute power cable wire for your monitor, these cables will be the best choice. For an even better experience, please select our Power Cable for Monitor.

Power Cable for Monitor Industry-Specific Attributes

Male End TypeDC Plug
Female End TypeIEC
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
Model Numberpower cord
TypeDC Power Cord
ApplicationHome Appliance
Plug standardEU
IP levelIP11
AC outlets quantity1 Outlets
USB Type-C ports0
Cable length3M
Product nameeu power cord
Rated Voltage300V
Rated Current13A/15A
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's Power Cable for Monitor?

    Its durability has been enhanced by the fact that it is made from strong copper wires and quality connectors.

  • It offers better performance, which can be counted on to give undisturbed power allowing clear picture quality of monitors.
  • Power surges and fluctuations are guarded against by safety features with over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection.
  • It is designed to be used with many types of monitors so it can be flexible for more than one setup or when setups change.
  • Although balancing quality and value means the price does not have to be high, this product provides good quality at an affordable rate.
  • What sets this cable apart as a recommended choice for powering office or home monitors is durability in design; reliability during delivery of electric power; compatibility across different devices like PCs’ screens etcetera plus its low cost that allows for savings.

Requesting a Quote for Power Cable for Monitor

  • Determine the type of power cable needed for the monitor by referring to specifications such as connector, length, voltage, and amperage.
  • Investigate multiple providers of relevant cords by contrasting prices, feedback from local or online shops or maker sites.
  • Ask for a quote personally from possible suppliers. This can be done by email, phone or online form and should include the specification of the cable needed, quantity required and shipping details.
  • Compare quotes against budget taking into account price, quality, delivery time and any additional charges such as shipping or taxes.
  • Confirm order with most cost-effective supplier after reviewing order details like quantity required, unit cost and delivery location.
  • To guarantee an accurate quote and make an informed choice about the power cable that would match both your needs and budget for the monitor follow these steps.

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To make a monitor work well, it is very important to have an electric wire which acts as the most important medium for electrical power; this cable transfers all the needed energy from an electric outlet to the monitor. For safety and good performance in terms of electricity, one should choose the right kind of a power cord that matches with make as well as model of his/her monitor besides meeting other electrical needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Power Cable for Monitor

Q: Where can I shop for power cables for my monitor?

A: You can buy power cords for your monitor at electronics stores, computer parts retailers, online shops or on the maker’s website.

Q: How can I relate the power cable specifications to my monitor?

A: If you want to connect the electricity cord data with your monitor, look it up in the user manual or ring the manufacturer and ask them about compatibility issues.

Q: What are the top considerations when choosing a power cable for a monitor?

A: The best things to think about are the kind of connector, the cable’s length, voltage and current demand for your display and also cable construction.

Q: How can I search for the right power cable for my monitor?

A: You can find the perfect power cord for your screen by specifically entering search phrases that are related to the model of your monitor and the kind of connector you require.

Q: What should I look for when trying to find a reliable power cable for my monitor?

A: During the search for a power cable that can be trusted, it is important to go for cables with certification from safety bodies, those having good ratings from customers and that come along with guaranteed terms.

Q: Can I use any power cable for my monitor, or do I need to find a specific one?

A: In order to guarantee compatibility and avoid harming the device, it is best to search for a power cable that is made particularly for your monitor.

Q: Are there any free options available when looking for a power cable for my monitor?

A: Although a few companies may give you free replacement power cords under guarantee, usually you will have to buy another wire by either ordering it on the Internet or going to a store.

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