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Power Cable 2 Prong

Enhance your power cable with a high-quality 2 prong FENGY/Power Cable.

FENGY/Power Cable 2 Prong, a China-based company, provides high-quality power cables that are reliable and strong and meet the topmost level of requirements. End shaky connections and power hiccups with these better cables. Upgrade now for better performance and dependability. Trust FENGY/Power Cables for all your power needs.

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    Introducing Power Cable 2 Prong from Fengy

  • Power cable features “hot” line to carry electricity and “neutral” line as return path, with hot line posing harm risk if touched
  • Exceptional performance and safety are characteristic of strong and reliable construction for charging laptops and powering appliances.
  • Secure power connection is made through proper use; safety regulations and instructions are highly recommended
  • The cable guarantees power for devices in different applications according to technical standards.
Power Cable 2 Prong
Power Cable 2 Prong

Power Cable 2 Prong for sale

The Power Cable 2 Prong, which can be bought now. This cable is of a high standard and is very reliable for electronic devices. It could be used in homes or offices and guarantees that the power supply will not fluctuate. Buy this item today so as to make your device work better!

Power Cable 2 Prong Industry-Specific Attributes

Male End TypeNEMA 1-15P
Female End TypeNema 1-15R
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFengytec
Model Number1-15P and on-off switch Free End
TypeAC Power Cord
ApplicationConsumer Electronics
Plug standardUS
IP levelIP11
AC outlets quantity1 Outlets
Product NameNema 1-15P to free stripped power cord
ApplicationsCOMPUTER, laptop computers, desktop PCs, ac adaptors
ColorBlack/ White
Male ConductorNema 1-15P
Female ConductorFree Open
LengthCustomerized Length
SampleSample for Evaluation
Rated Voltage125V
Other partson-off switch
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose Fengy Power Cable 2 Prong?

  • The FENGY/Power Cable 2 Prong is unique in that it has a hot line which contains electricity while the neutral line does not carry current but acts as a return path back to the grid.
  • This cable can be used with laptops or small appliances among others since it is built strong and performs consistently.
  • It is important to follow safety rules because this will help prevent accidents and also enable one achieve good performance when connecting different gadgets with power sources; if uncertain ask experts for advice regarding these matters.
  • For safe charging of devices, effective functioning and general safety, trust FENGY/Power Cable 2 Prong.

Requesting a Quote for Power Cable 2 Prong

FENGY/Power Cable 2 Prong is one of the vital things that can power up electronic gadgets.

• The hot line should be attached to the grid while the neutral one acts as a current path; these are the two lines that make up this cable having prongs.

• You must handle electronics carefully and seek advice from experts if necessary.

• This power cable can be used in many ways- from charging laptops to running small appliances, it performs well and is safe too.

• In order to connect your devices securely and efficiently with a power source, follow safety rules and manufacturer’s instructions while using this cable.

• FENGY/Power Cable 2 Prong should be relied upon for all power provisions.

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This post is about two-prong power cords which are essential for safe and efficient use of electrical gadgets. It makes clear what those confusing numbers on them mean, how they’re classified and where each type should be applied. By doing so it seeks to help people comprehend these things better. Additionally there are handy hints as well as professional opinions that enable devices to be used most effectively while also ensuring their safety and durability through proper care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Power Cable 2 Prong

Q: What is the difference between a 2 prong power cord and a 3 prong power cord?

There is a grounding wire that separates a 2 prong power cord from a 3 prong power cord. Two wires, one live and the other neutral, are used in a 2 prong power cord which is usually applied to appliances without safety requirement for grounding. On the other hand, an extra ground wire is added into three-pronged cords so as to minimize electric shock hazards thereby being widely used for appliances or equipment that must be grounded in order to operate safely.

Q: Can I use a 2 prong to 3 prong adapter for a power strip?

A: Certainly, a 2-prong to 3-prong adapter might be used for plugging a power strip with a 3-prong plug into a 2-prong outlet. But remember that although it allows for connecting the device, still no grounding occurs. So as to ensure higher level of safety, select an adapter having the ground or think about changing your socket on a three-pin one.

Q: How can I identify a UL listed 2 prong power cord?

A: Either the packaging or the cord will feature a 2-prong power cord that has been listed as UL. This denotes a label which was provided by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for having met its safety standards after testing. The control number or particular reference to its UL listing can also be included with this mark.

Q: Are there universal replacement power cords for electronics like the Xbox One or PS4?

A: Absolutely! They can be used for all kinds of electronic devices, such as video game consoles like Xbox One and PS4. Those types of cables usually have the usual two-pronged (figure-8 or C7) or three-pronged (C8) connector which is commonly employed in these appliances – just always make sure it matches your device’s requirements by verifying its characteristics before buying one.

Q: What is an 18awg 2-prong power cord, and when should it be used?

A: Also known as an 18 American Wire Gauge (AWG) size wire cord, an 18awg 2-prong power cord consists of two conductors each with a diameter of 18 AWG. It is commonly used for light to medium duty applications like radios, laptops and small appliances. In other words, the 18AWG rating means that it can safely carry certain amounts of electricity without melting which makes it perfect for devices that don’t consume much energy.

Q: Can I extend the length of my AC power cord with any extension cord?

A: Although it is feasible to make an AC power cord longer by using an extension cord, you must use an extension cord that meets the device’s power needs or provides more. It is important to select a suitable gauge (AWG), amperage rating and whether it is for indoor or outdoor use so as not to compromise its safety and functionality too.

Q: Is it safe to replace a TV power cord with a generic 2 prong ac power cord?

A: Yes, for the most part it is safe to substitute a TV power cord with a generic 2 prong AC power cord as long as the replacement has correct connectors (C7 for most TVs), supports the TV’s voltage and current requirements, and is UL listed or equivalent in terms of safety. Check manufacturer recommendations for compatibility and safety every time.

Q: What does "2-slot non-polarized" mean for a 2 prong power cord?

A: The term “2-slot non-polarized” is used for a type of 2 prong power cord where the two prongs are the same size so that it can be plugged into the outlet in any direction. This type of cords are often found on small appliances with double insulation which do not need grounding or polarization (one prong wider than another). Non-polarized cords may be handy, but must be matched with appropriate devices as instructed by manufacturer.

Q: How to properly dispose of or recycle old 2 prong power cords?

A: For the right way of disposing or recycling of old 2 prong power cords, inquire with electronic waste disposal guidelines from your local recycling center or waste management. There are special programs in most centers for the recycling of electronic parts as well as cables so that they don’t end up in a landfill. On the other hand, some electronic stores offer recycling programs where they accept such cords and cables for recycling too.

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