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IEC Power Cable

Top Supplier of IEC Power Cable from China

If you’re searching for a dependable and reliable Chinese supplier of IEC power cables, then your search ends at FENGY. Our aim is to give the best quality goods, excellent customer service while maintaining competitive pricing. Inquire now and find out what else we have in store for you!

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    Introducing IEC Power Cable from Fengy

    A top supplier of IEC power cables from China with a reputation for excellence.

  • The cable has been created to meet strict industrial standards while providing safe, efficient and reliable power for a range of applications such as those found in computers or heavy machinery.
  • The precision connectors fit snugly into the sockets to prevent accidental disconnection or loss of power.
  • It comes in different lengths, colors, specifications and types of plugs compatible with devices.
  • It should comply with international safety and environmental regulations by being free from harmful substances and meeting quality standards.
IEC Power Cable
IEC Power Cable

IEC Power Cable for sale

IEC High Quality Power Cable Now In Stock! Our cables are created using strong stuffs to ensure that they serve you for long as well as establishing a secure connection when it comes to your gadgets. Buy an IEC power cable now and feel the change in terms of its performance and dependability.

IEC Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Industry-specific attributes
Male End TypeBS
Female End TypeIEC
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
TypeAC Power Cord
ApplicationServer; Router; Network Switch; UPS; PDU
ColorBlack or as per your request
LengthCustom Length
Rated current10A
Rated voltage250V
Conductor materialcopper
Packaging and delivery
Packaging DetailsCarton,As per your request
Supply Ability
Supply Ability50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's IEC Power Cable?

    The company gets IEC power cables from FENGY, a well-known Chinese provider that maintains its quality by using the best materials for long-lasting and trustworthy cables.

  • To match their specific requirements, we offer custom cables in terms of length, color, connectors and shielding.
  • We ensure that our cables are of high quality which can be afforded by everybody since they don’t cost much.
  • We make sure that the process for ordering is fast through quick order fulfillment but still maintain good cable qualities.
  • By choosing FENGY as your supplier for IEC power cables, you will gain access to superior materials; flexibility in design or colour; competitive prices together with prompt delivery times – all supported by knowledgeable staff.

Requesting a Quote for IEC Power Cable

Find out the desired specifications for IEC power cables (such as voltage, current, conductor material, insulation and diameter).

• Find the required length and quantity

• Select a supplier who is known for their good reputation as well as reliability.

• Ask for a quotation that includes everything needed along with it.

• Follow these steps to ensure accurate pricing and correct cable selection.

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Discover the superior build and conductor quality of IEC power cable 2024. Shop now for high-quality power cords online at reasonable prices!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about IEC Power Cable, go ahead !

Q: What is the superiority of IEC Power Cable?

A: The IEC Power Wire is popular for being better than run-of-the-mill 18AWG cables because of its finer craftsmanship. It has 100% copper conductors which give it more conductivity and strength.

Q: Why should I choose IEC Power Cable over other cables?

A: The IEC Power Cable is perfect for audiophiles or professionals looking for high-end performance because it has excellent sound quality and reduces noise.

Q: Are there any particular features of the IEC Power Cable?

A: Absolutely, the wire is 10ft long and designed to lessen sound disruption such that you enjoy crystal clear audio.

Q: Can I use IEC Power Cable with different types of equipment?

A: Yeah, the IEC Power Cable goes with different stuff like stage gear, extension cords and NEMA plugs.

Q: How is the shipping process for IEC Power Cable?

A: We provide fast delivery of the IEC Power Cable, so you should get it soon after buying.

A: Because of the outstanding quality and performance, the IEC Power Cable has become a favorite choice among audio lovers.

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