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IEC C7 Power Cable

Top Supplier of IEC C7 Power Cable from China

Being the number one provider of IEC C7 power cables in China, FENGY is committed to delivering the best products at affordable prices to our clients. The components used for making these wires are first class and they go through a series of tests which are aimed at guaranteeing that they are safe and meet all required performance standards without fail.

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    Introducing IEC C7 Power Cable from Fengy

    The IEC C7 power cable made by Fengy is a dependable and high quality product that can be used to power electronic equipment. This is due to its small size, good materials, and strict tests.

  • A two-pronged IEC C7 power cable is typically used to supply electricity to small appliances and electronic gadgets. Its slim design makes it ideal for cramped spaces and it can be used universally.
  • The cable is made up of high quality copper conductors which guarantee an uninterrupted flow of electric current. Also, it possesses a robust PVC jacket that safeguards against abrasion, extreme heat or cold.
  • The IEC C7 power cable has been rigorously tested to meet all relevant safety and performance standards, being certified by regulatory bodies like UL and CE ensuring safe and reliable use.
IEC C7 Power Cable
IEC C7 Power Cable

IEC C7 Power Cable for sale

IEC C7 Power Cable Sale! We provide premium quality power cables that are long-lasting and dependable. If you require a substitute or need an extra one, our wires will suit you perfectly. Upgrade your system today using Fengy!

IEC C7 Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Industry-specific attributes
Female End TypeIEC C7
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
TypeAC Power Cord
ApplicationHome Appliance
MaterialPVC sheath+pure copper
Plug styleEU plug
End ConnectorIEC C7
Length1M/1.5M/2M/3M or customized
Rated Voltage250V
Rated Current2.5A
Packaging and delivery
Packaging DetailsCarton
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's IEC C7 Power Cable?

    FENGY is a leading source factory in China for IEC C7 Power Cable.

• They build their cables using high-end stuffs to ensure maximum conductivity and strength.

• Safety and performance are assured through conformation with global standards.

• With custom lengths, it is easy to find the right size for any use.

• FENGY’s cables are cheap when compared to other brands in the market but this does not mean that they are of poor quality.

• While ordering, you can count on getting help from friendly customer care representatives who work round-the-clock.

• Basically what this means is if you choose FENGY then everything else follows like top materials used; following international rules; customization options available at affordable prices with trustable customers service throughout the whole process.

Requesting a Quote for IEC C7 Power Cable

1. Kindly specify the kind of product that you require.

2. To get tailor-made service, please state what you exactly need.

3. Please complete the form below with all the information required in order for our technical team to get in touch with you within one day!

4. If an order exceeds ten units, we can offer sample products also.

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Explore the diverse options of IEC C7 power cables at FENGY. Shop for high-quality cords in various lengths and colors for your power supply needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about IEC C7 Power Cable,go ahead !

Q: What is IEC C7 power cable used for?

A: Typically, IEC C7 power cords are used for connecting small sized devices like laptop chargers or servers with electricity.

Q: What does the "C7" in IEC C7 refer to?

A: When it comes to IEC C7, the term “C7” denotes the shape of the connector that this cable has; it is a plug with two round prongs which go into a power supply unit or some other electrical appliance such as laptop computers and small household devices.

Q: What is the difference between IEC C7 and C8 power cables?

A: IEC C7 power cords possess a female C7 connector at one end, whereas IEC C8 power cords have a male C8 connector at one end.

Q: Are IEC C7 power cables polarized?

A: No, IEC C7 power cables are not polarized. This means they can be plugged in any way without bothering about the direction.

Q: What is the gauge of the wire used in IEC C7 power cables?

A: Frequently, 18AWG is the kind of wire that is used in power cables having IEC C7 connector. They are made to carry typical voltage needs of any small sized appliance.

Q: Can I use an IEC C7 power cable for high-voltage applications?

A: No, IEC C7 power cords are made for lower voltage applications (usually 250 volts or less) and should not be used in high voltage situations.

Q: Do IEC C7 power cables come with free shipping?

A: Some stores may offer free delivery on IEC C7 power cords, but the best thing to do is check with them about what they charge for shipping.

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