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IEC C19 Power Cable

Top Supplier of IEC C19 Power Cables from China - Reliable and High-Quality Options

China’s primary supplier of IEC C19 Power Cables – FENGY offers high-quality power cables designed according to worldwide norms that can withstand any weather. Our cords are long-lasting and secure as we focus on strength first. We understand the need for reliable energy transfers in various fields hence this is why we insist you should try us out if only for performance of the highest level which will give you peace at heart too.

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    Introducing IEC C19 Power Cable from Fengy

  • The cable had a professional IEC C19 and C20 connection that could bear 16A current.
  • To avoid accidental connections, the plugs were made in different shapes than ordinary ones.
  • This wire was appropriate for higher current capacity applications because it delivered power safely and dependably.
  • Informative product specifications were used by the company to highlight their commitment of providing stable electricity options for professionals.
IEC C19 Power Cable
IEC C19 Power Cable

IEC C19 Power Cable for sale

FENGY has C19 power cables for sale. FENGY is a trusted supplier that deals in top-notch electric machinery. So if you need a cable that can withstand wear and tear while also being highly efficient, this is the perfect choice.

IEC C19 Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Male End TypeNEMA
Female End TypeIEC
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
Model NumberFYUP-01
Plug standardUS
IP levelIP14
AC outlets quantity7 Outlets, 2 Outlets
USB Type-C ports4 ports
Cable length0.5m, 1M
Product namec13 to c14 power cord
Rated voltage250V 200v 300v
Rated current16A 24a
SampleSample are available for evaluation
Insulation MaterialPVC
Applicationlaptop computers, desktop PCs, ac adapters, printers, scanners, etc
Length6ft or customized
CertificateSafety certificate
Packaging and deliveryCarton
Supply Ability50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Fengy factory
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    Why choose FENGY's IEC C19 Power Cable?

  • This article is about safe power supply, which can be used for heavy machinery.
  • Computers, guitar amplifiers and professional video equipment are often equipped with these cords.
  • Compact design is emphasized in order to reduce occupied area.
  • When connections are made, they prevent risk of twisting or trapping wires and thus create safer conditions.
  • The IEC 60320 specification has been adopted by many countries around the world as their national standards because it is widely recognized.

Requesting a Quote for IEC C19 Power Cable

1. Kindly specify the product type you want.

2. If you need personalized services, please give us your exact requirements.

3. Fill in the inquiry form below with all the necessary information and our technical team will get back to you within 24 hours!

4. Samples can be given for orders of not less than ten pieces.

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Explore the IEC C19 power cable - a key component in modern electronic setups and data centers. This guide covers its durability, performance, specs, and applications compared to industry alternatives. Gain insights on selection, usage, and maintenance for optimal performance and safety. Intended for electronics, data center, and IT pros for informed decisions on IEC C19 cable use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about IEC C19 Power Cable

A: Generally, 14 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and 12 AWG are the usually recommended wire gauges for IEC C19 power cords. The difference between 14AWG and 12AWG is determined by how much power they can deliver. For instance, if a device requires less than 20 amps then it is advisable to use 14 gauge wires while those consuming more than this current should be connected using cables made of at least 12 gauge wires.

Q: Can I use an IEC C19 power cable with both 125V and 250V devices?

A: True, IEC C19 power cables are versatile and can be used with both 125V and 250V devices provided that the cable is rated for it, but this should never let us forget that one must always confirm if the equipment being plugged in can work at the voltage level supplied otherwise some destruction might occur.

Q: What is the difference between IEC 60320 C14 and IEC 60320 C19 connectors?

A: The main reason why IEC 60320 C14 and IEC 60320 C19 connectors differ is their design as well as the amount of current they carry. Normally, devices that need about 10A utilize an IEC 60320 C19 connector; whereas those which are higher-powered (16 to 20A) require this type of connector in order to work properly. Additionally, the pin arrangement on a larger-sized C19 connector is different so as to take care of increased power levels.

Q: What types of devices usually use C19 to C20 power cords?

A: High-powered server equipment, PDUs (Power Distribution Units), big network routers and other IT appliances that need more current always use power cords from C19 to C20. These cables are needed for connecting a device to a PDU in a data center or IT setting.

Q: How long can IEC C19 power cables be?

A: IEC C19 power cords are usually sold in lengths from six to ten feet. With brands such as Tripp Lite, Monoprice, and IronBox Electric, custom lengths of 12ft or more can be requested to fit individual needs while still meeting safety regulations and keeping up voltage through the span.

Q: Are there any UL listed IEC C19 power cables?

A: There are a number of IEC C19 power cables that are UL listed, meaning they meet high safety and performance requirements as determined by Underwriters Laboratories. For instance, Tripp Lite, IronBox Electric or Monoprice manufacture these types of brands which offer reassurance about their quality and suitability in different contexts.

Q: Can I use a NEMA 5-15P to C19 power cable for my computer?

A: Indeed, if your computer has a power supply unit (PSU) with a C19 inlet and the electrical rating matches that of NEMA 5-15P’s 125V, 15A configuration, then you can use a NEMA 5-15P – C19 power cable for it. Such power cords are usually employed in high-end servers and networking equipment hence make sure that your device is compatible with this type of cords.

Q: What do I need to know before buying an IEC C19 power cable online?

A: When you are thinking of buying an internet explorer custom C19 power cord from online stores such as, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration before making the purchase. The first thing is the length of the cable which could be 6 ft or 10 ft among others; then comes wire gauges like 14AWG or 12 AWG for higher amperage and connector types such as C14 to C19, C20 to C19 etcetera. Other factors include voltage rating i.e., either 125V or 250V and amperage capacity like 15Amps (A) or 20 Amps (A). Also look out for UL listing plus other certifications of this kind in order to ensure that it’s safe and compatible with your equipment because sometimes people may leave comments about their experience with these cables on websites like Amazon.

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