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IEC C13 Power Cable

Top Supplier of IEC C13 Power Cables from China - Trusted Source for Quality Products

When it comes to IEC C13 power cables in China, there is no better option than FENGY. They prioritize safe and efficient solutions for power connectivity. Customers are guaranteed to find what they need because a variety of long-lasting cords that meet world-wide safety regulations are produced by this top Chinese cable manufacturer called Fengyuan.

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    Introducing IEC C13 Power Cable from Fengy

FENGY knows that having a good power supply is important, so they created the IEC C13 Power Cable.

• This three-pin cable, also called a “kettle cord,” has a male connection that can be easily inserted into any female IEC C14 port.

• Capable of supporting up to 10Amps at most, it can handle all electronic devices efficiently and reliably.

• When it comes to top-of-the-line products that deliver excellent results every time, trust in FENGY.

IEC C13 Power Cable
IEC C13 Power Cable

IEC C13 Power Cable for sale

FENGY is selling IEC C13 Power Cable. This power cable is reliable and delivers power efficiently, so it can be used to upgrade your setup. It’s suitable for both home and office use. Don’t wait any longer – buy it now and feel the change!

IEC C13 Power Cable Industry-Specific Attributes

Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
Model NumberFYP-01
Product NameIndustrial 8 Outlet IEC PDU with Circuit Breaker
Rated Voltage/Rated Current200V to 250V, 30A
Sample AvailabilitySamples are available for evaluation
Socket TypeIEC320 C13 C19
MaterialAluminum-Alloy Shell+ ABS
ApplicationIndustrial, computer room, server and other environments
Length9ft, or customized length
Packaging DetailsCarton
Supply Ability50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Fengy factory
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    Why choose FENGY's IEC C13 Power Cable?

The IEC component 60320 C13 plug enables worldwide accessibility and multiple market adaptability.

• Moreover, it ensures device dependability and increases its efficiency through continuous power supply.

• Furthermore, products from factories are modifiable with respect to cable length and conductor sizes.

• Additionally, procuring goods straight out of a Chinese factory can lead to low-cost production.

• International standards and regulations are followed by IEC cords among them being the C13.

• In terms of brand voice let it remain informative, technical and professional.

Requesting a Quote for IEC C13 Power Cable

1. Please state the kind of product you want to buy.

2. If you need special services, tell us what you want.

3. Fill out the form below and provide all necessary information. Our technical team will contact you within 24 hours.

4. You must order at least 10 pieces to get samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about IEC C13 Power Cable

Q: What is the IEC 60320 C13 power cable used for?

The IEC 60320 C13 power cable is a well-known device that enables a 250-volt connection for computers, servers, monitors and printers among others. This implies that it’s equally applicable in home as well as office setups due to its popularity worldwide. Such adaptability together with adherence towards universal regulations makes this product necessary in many electronic gadgets of different types.

Q: How does the C14 to C13 power cable function in computer power management?

A: Often seen in computer power supplies and PDUs (Power Distribution Units), the C14 to C13 power cable is designed for use between a C14 inlet and a C13 outlet. This wire type is important for ensuring devices receive continuous power supply without any breaks, thereby establishing dependable and efficient connections in data centers as well as office environments too.

Q: Can I use a NEMA 5-15P to C13 power cable for my computer power supply cord?

A: Yes, a power cable with NEMA 5-15P to C13 connectors can be used as a computer power supply cord in North America. The NEMA 5-15P plug is connected to the usual 120V AC outlet and the C13 connector is attached to the computer’s power supply. Such arrangement is frequently employed for personal computers, printers, and other peripherals which need maximum current of 13A.

Q: What do AWG ratings mean for IEC C13 power cables?

A: The AWG (American Wire Gauge) rating is a measure of the thickness of an electrical conductor wire in a power cable. Typically, you’ll find 16 and 18 AWG ratings for IEC C13 power cables where the smaller number represents a larger diameter wire size. This means devices with higher current demands need thicker wires or lower numbered AWGs to function properly. It is important to choose the right AWG size for safety as well as optimal performance.

Q: Is there a difference between SJT and SVT cables for IEC320 C13 applications?

A: Yes, they have different outer jackets and usage. SJT (Service Junior Thermoplastic) cable is heavier and stronger because of its weight which makes it suitable for rough power cords in places like data centers or factories where heavy duty work needs to be done while on the other hand SVT (Service Vacuum Thermoplastic) cables are lighter in weight with more flexibility that can be used at offices or light commercial areas where computers are being operated along other devices such as printers

Q: How can I identify a heavy duty IEC C13 power cable?

A: The most common way to identify a heavy-duty IEC C13 power cable is to consider its AWG rating and the material used for its sheathing. If you want something that will carry more current, then pick cables which have a lower AWG rating such as 16AWG or less; should you want robustness and resistance against heat deformation, look for those labeled with ‘SJT’ meaning they are made from strong thermoplastic materials. These attributes enable them perform well in tough environments and still deliver power consistently enough.

Q: Are there right angle connectors available for IEC 320 C13 power cables?

A: Indeed, IEC 320 C13 power cables do have right angle connectors. Behind computers, monitors, printers and other devices, these connectors can fit into small spaces that allow good cable management and reduce strain on the cord. This is very helpful when there is not much room or when the orientation of the power outlet does not allow the use of a straight connector.

Q: What certifications should I look for in a safe and reliable IEC C13 power cable?

A: In order to find a secure and dependable IEC C13 power cable, search for designations like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed. This means that the cord has met strict safety rules. Moreover, cables labeled with “TAa” compliance satisfy the demands of Trade Agreements Act which is usually required for government-related setups. Having these certifications on your IEC C13 power cord can give you peace of mind about its quality and safety.

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