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C7 Power Cord

Top Supplier of C7 Power Cord from China

We are the number one provider of Chinese C7 power cords. Our cords have been created using the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques and materials so that they are long-lasting and dependable. We aim to provide our customers with the top-quality C7 power cords available on the market. Due to our commitment to excellence, safety, and customer contentment, we have become a preferred choice for commercial enterprises as well as individuals seeking trustworthy and efficient power cables.

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    Introducing C7 Power Cord from Fengy

    The C7 Power Cord from Fengy is a top choice for power supply needs worldwide

  • – Built using robust materials and fortified with durable connectors that ensure a secure link to gadgets
  • – Made for use in small portable electronics like laptops and gaming consoles
  • – Compatible with various devices and provides a steady power supply
  • – International safety standards have been met, and it also contains a built-in fuse to guard against power surges better
  • – This offers high-quality reliability where power supplies are concerned
C7 Power Cord
C7 Power Cord

C7 Power Cord for sale

Fengy C7 Power Cord Sale! Fengy is currently selling top-notch C7 power cords which are needed for powering gadgets. Our electrical wires that supply energy are long-lasting and were manufactured out of top-quality materials. Order your own C7 power cord from Fengy now and see the change.

C7 Power Cord Industry-Specific Attributes

Industry-specific attributes
Male End TypeCEE
Female End TypeIEC
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
Model NumberFENGYpower01
TypeAC Power Cord
ApplicationHome Appliance
Plug standardEU
IP levelIP53, IP48
AC outlets quantity1 Outlets, 4 Outlets
USB Type-C ports4 ports
Cable length0.8M, 1M
Product NameIEC 320 c7 power cord
TypeLow Voltage
Optional length0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/3m/5m/10m...
Colorwhite or customized
Output16A 250v
Lead time2 weeks
One endCEE
Another endIEC C19/customized
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's C7 Power Cord?

    Being the top supply manufacturer of C7 Power Cord in China, we commit ourselves to give you the best products and services that we can.

1. Quality Control: FENGY’s C7 Power Cord is made with strict quality control policies so that the product can last long and perform well.

2. Technology: FENGY employs up-to-date technology and creative methods in its manufacturing procedures.

3. Cost-effectiveness: FENGY provides competitive prices for their C7 Power Cord as they are a direct factory supplier.

4. Versatility: Being able to work with various devices makes it more useful and convenient for customers who need power supply solutions.

5. Support to customers: The customer service team of FENGY aims at giving fast help promptly and effectively.

Requesting a Quote for C7 Power Cord

Observe these methods when asking for a quote on the C7 Power Cord:

1. Determine requirements: this should include the number of cords, their lengths, colors, and plug types, among others.

2. Look for potential suppliers: consider their reputations as well as how reliable and timely they can deliver orders.

3. Reach out to the supplier: make sure that the request for quotation sent to FENGY is clear enough about all necessary details.

4. Give necessary details: such as company name, contact information and any other information which might be required in order to get an accurate quote from them.

5. Ask about lead times and delivery process: plan for everything to be delivered promptly by finding out more about when it will take before they are availed also what’s expected during the transportation part.

6. Understand payment terms: know how one is supposed to pay because there are different ways through which payments can be made as well as when should this done?

7. Scrutinize quotation keenly : ensure that all needs have been factored in while at the same time seeing if the prices quoted fall within your budget or not.

8. If satisfied with what you see then finalize order : do everything possible so that you may clearly understand what is needed in each step of ordering process .

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Looking for the perfect c7 power cord? Our guide covers everything from plug types to cable length, with a variety of high-quality options available. Save money and shop with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about C7 Power Cord,go ahead ! 

Q: What is a C7 power cord and where is it commonly used?

A: A C7 power cord is a two-prong connector that has been popularized across many different types of electronic devices, including radios, laptops, game consoles and power adapters. These connectors are so simple and small in size that they are commonly used with devices that do not need grounding connections. Hence, their identification is by their shape, which can be either figure-eight or shotgun look.

Q: How do I know if a C7 power cord is the right choice for my device?

A: In figuring out if the C7 power cord is right for your device, check what kind of port it has for power input. If this matches the figure-eight shape of a C7 connector, then yes. Also make sure that your device does not need a grounded (three-prong) power connection; the C7 only has two prongs.

Q: What sizes and types of C7 power cords are available?

A: There are many different types and sizes of C7 power cords that serve different purposes. They can be as long as the standard 6-feet cable or they can be made to custom lengths. Moreover, the diameter and suppleness of cables may vary, types of plugs may differ according to countries’ electrical socket designs and shielded versions could be used in places where there is potential for electromagnetic interference.

Q: Can I find a 6-foot long C7 power cord easily?

A: It is easy to find a six feet long C7 power cord because it is one of the most frequent sizes offered by sellers who know its usefulness in both residential and professional environments. Usually, many shops have cables with different measurements stocked but usually you will always come across those that are 6ft long.

Q: If I need a specific type of C7 power cord, can you help me find it?

A: Yes, certainly! If you want a particular kind of C7 power cable, just let us know. Our crew will help to determine the exact description required such as length or plug type and offer choices from what we have in stock or make an order for it specifically on your request.

Q: Where can I buy a C7 power cord?

A: C7 power cords are available in many electrical shops, online markets and directly from producers. Calling us or contacting a specialized provider may help you get the right size, type or custom solution that suits your needs.

Q: How can I ensure I'm choosing a high-quality C7 power cord?

A: Search for C7 power cords that follow present safety and performance regulations, have been manufactured by well-known companies, and come with a warranty. Additionally, reviews as well as recommendations can help you understand whether or not the cord is reliable and durable.

Q: Are there special considerations I should take into account when purchasing a C7 power cord for international use?

A: Yes, it is important to know what type of plug you need for the country you are traveling to when buying a C7 power cord that will work internationally. In addition, your device must be compatible with its voltage and frequency or else damage can occur. It’s suggested that one purchases cords made specifically for use in the region they are being used at.

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