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C15 Power Cord

Top Supplier of C15 Power Cord from China

As a leading supplier of C15 power cords in China, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality products that meet our customers’ diverse needs. Our C15 power cords are designed to deliver reliable performance, durability, and safety, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

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    Introducing C15 Power Cord from Fengy

    Leading supplier of C15 power cords in China

• Committed to providing high-quality products for diverse customer needs
• Emphasis on reliable performance, durability, and safety
• Versatile design compatible with a range of devices and appliances
• Available in various lengths to suit different settings and configurations
• Made from high-quality copper conductors for excellent conductivity and energy efficiency
• Durable PVC insulation protects cords from damage over time
• Compliant with international safety standards for insulation, flammability, and other features
• Ideal for use in data centers, server rooms, and other critical IT environments

C15 Power Cord
C15 Power Cord

C15 Power Cord for sale

Top-Quality C15 Power Cord Now Available! The FENGY C15 Power Cord is designed to provide a secure and stable power connection to your high-temperature devices. With our strict quality control measures, you can trust that our power cords are durable and safe. Upgrade your power connections today with Fengy's C15 Power Cord. Contact us for pricing and availability.

C15 Power Cord Industry-Specific Attributes

Industry-specific attributes
Male End Typebs
Female End TypeIEC
Other attributes
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameFENGY
TypeAC Power Cord
ApplicationHome Appliance
pluguk plug
The other end of connectorc15
CableH05vv-f 3*0.75mm2/3*1.0mm2/3*1.5mm2
length1m 1.5m 1.8m 2m or customzied
fuse3a 5a 13a
Warranty12 Months
Packaging and delivery
Packaging DetailsCarton
Supply Ability
Supply Ability50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Fengy factory
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    Why Choose FENGY's C15 Power Cord?

    As the premier source factory of C15 Power Cord in China, FENGY offers an unparalleled level of quality and reliability.

Superior Quality: Our C15 Power Cord is crafted with top-quality materials, including copper conductors, PVC insulation, and durable connectors to meet stringent international standards.
Wide Compatibility: Our C15 Power Cord is compatible with various devices like computers, printers, and electronics, as well as different power outlets globally for convenient use.
Customizable Options: Customize your C15 Power Cord with options like cord lengths, colors, and connector types to meet your specific needs.
Competitive Pricing: We provide competitive pricing for our C15 Power Cord, maintaining quality and reliability.
Exceptional Customer Service: FENGY excels in customer service with an expert team ready to answer questions and provide support for a positive ordering experience.

Requesting a Quote for C15 Power Cord

1. Please indicate the type of product you need.

2. If you need tailored services, kindly provide your specific requirements.

3. Fill out the inquiry form below with the necessary details. Our technical team will contact you within 24 hours!

4. Samples can be provided with a minimum order of 10 pieces.

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Explore the versatility of a high-quality C15 power cord with C14 connector. Ideal for various uses including computers, servers, speakers, and more. Built to last with 14 AWG jacket and 250V capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about C15 Power Cord,go ahead !

Q: What is a C15 power cord?

A: A C15 power cord is a type of power cable with a C15 plug on one end and either a 5-15P or C14 plug on the other end.

Q: How do I differentiate between a C14 and C15 plug?

A: A C14 plug has a square shape with three pins, while a C15 plug has a rounded shape with three pins as well.

Q: What devices are compatible with a C14 to C15 power cord?

A: Devices such as servers, network hardware, PDUs, small appliances, electric kettles, griddles, and other equipment that require a 125V power supply can be connected using a C14 to C15 power cord.

Q: What is the maximum pin temperature for a C15 plug?

A: The maximum pin temperature for a C15 plug is typically 120°C (250°F).

Q: Are C14 to C15 power cords available in stock?

A: Yes, C14 to C15 power cords are usually available in stock and ready for quick shipping.

Q: How can I ensure quality and safety when purchasing a C14 to C15 power cord?

A: It is recommended to purchase C14 to C15 power cords that are CSA certified to guarantee high quality and safety standards.

Q: Where can I get more information or support regarding C15 power cords?

A: For more specific questions or support related to C15 power cords, please contact us for assistance.

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