Low Seep Flexible Singe Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable

Save on LFLEX-HXYY101 Shielded Drag Chain Cable

Looking for a reliable solution for your machinery’s cable management needs? Look no further than FENGY’s LFLEX-HXYY101 Low Seep Flexible Single Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable. Our drag chain cable is designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments, providing flexibility and durability. For a limited time, get this top-quality cable at a special offer price. Upgrade your machinery with the best cable solution on the market. Contact us today to learn more about this exclusive offer!

LFLEX-HXYY101 Low Seep Flexible Singe Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable
LFLEX-HXYY101 Low Seep Flexible Singe Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable
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    introduce Low Seep Flexible Singe Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable

    The LFLEX-HXYP102 is a low-speed, flexible, double-sheathed twisted-pair cable specifically designed for drag chains. It features fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire conductors, special flexible PVC insulation, and an anti-twist layered core. The outer jacket is made from special PVC and is available in black, gray, or orange.

ConductorMade of fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, adhering to VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard
Conductor InsulationUses special flexible PVC
Conductor ColorsAvailable in various options
Core Wire StructureAnti-twist layered or grouped with divided gap filling by high-strength core
Outer Jacket MaterialComposed of special PVC
Outer Jacket ColorAvailable in black, gray, and orange
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  1. Pneumatic Cylinder Systems: Utilize solenoid-actuated valves in the supply line for continuous reciprocation.

  2. Hydraulic Circuits: Employ ladder circuits to enable cylinders to extend and retract continuously.

  3. Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors: Used in particular applications requiring continuous movement.

  4. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Applications: Utilize reciprocating engines due to their low installed costs.

  5. Double-Acting Cylinder Systems: Incorporate two sequence valves for continuous reciprocation.

  6. Electric Oscillating Valves: Control the movement of reciprocating pneumatic cylinders.

  7. Reciprocating Engine-Driven Generators: Employed in natural gas spark-ignited applications.

  8. Reciprocating Pumps: Used across various applications, not just high pressure.

  9. Reciprocating Compressors: Capacity is varied in discrete steps by holding cylinder suction valves open.

These technologies are suitable for continuous reciprocation installations, particularly in frequent bending environments such as modern machinery, logistics systems, control systems, and engraving machine automation systems. They are also applicable in short stroke, low-speed machinery, and general industry indoor environments.

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage<0.5mm²: 300/500V; ≥0.5mm²: 300/500V
Test Voltage2000V
Minimum Bending RadiusFixed Installation: 6×D Moveable Installation: When laying distance is less than 10m, bending radius is 8×D; When laying distance is greater than or equal to 10 meters, bending radius is 10×D
Operating TemperatureFixed Installation: -25℃ to +70℃ Moveable Installation: -15℃ to +70℃
Flame ResistanceCompliant with IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil ResistanceRefer to the attached list for oil resistance
Chemical ResistanceRefer to the attached list for chemical resistance
LFLEX-HXYY101 Low Seep Flexible Singe Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable Special characteristic
LFLEX-HXYY101 Low Seep Flexible Singe Non-Sheath Shielded Drag Chain Cable Special characteristic
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    Special Characteristic

    This product offers high mobility with a 20m travel distance, a bending lifetime of over 2 million times, and is resistant to various environmental factors, meeting both ROHS and CE standards.

  1. Moveable Characteristics: It has an installation travel distance of 20m, accelerator of 10m/S2, and moving speed of 2m/S.
  2. Bending Lifetime: The product can withstand bending for over 2 million times at a rate of 20 times per minute.
  3. Resilience: It exhibits resistance to water, oil, UV radiation, and weathering. It also displays cold and abrasive resistance and can withstand certain mechanical forces.
  4. Approvals and Standards: It meets ROHS and CE standards.

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