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Low Speed Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain

New Flexible Double Sheath Cable for Drag Chain - Limited Time Discount

Introducing the LFLEX-HXYP102 Low-Speed Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable – the latest innovation in cable technology designed for drag chain applications. This cable is precisely engineered to withstand the rigors of continuous flexing and bending in dynamic applications. Double sheath protection offers superior durability and longevity for your industrial needs. Get your hands on this cutting-edge cable now at a special discounted price for a limited time. Upgrade your equipment with the best – choose FENGY.

Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain
Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain
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    introduce LFLEX-HXYP102 Low Speed Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain

    The LFLEX-HXYP102 is a low-speed, flexible double sheath twisted-pair cable for drag chains. It features an oxygen-free copper wire conductor, special flexible PVC insulation, and an improved PVC outer jacket.

    Product structure:

Product Structure ComponentDescription
ConductorMulti super fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire (VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard)
Conductor InsulationSpecial flexible PVC
Conductor ColorsOptional
Core Wire StructureAnti-twist layered or grouped with divided gap filling by high strength core
TwistPair twist per two cores
Inner SheathSpecial improved PVC
ShieldTinned copper braid, coverage more than 70%
Outer Jacket MaterialSpecial improved PVC
Outer Jacket ColorBlack, Gray, Orange
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    The LFLEX-HXYP102 cable is designed for continuous reciprocation applications, making it suitable for:

  1. Modern machinery: It can handle the frequent bending associated with moving parts.
  2. Logistics systems: It is a standard part of towlines, ensuring smooth operation.
  3. Control systems: Its flexibility aids in complex control circuitry.
  4. Engraving machine automation: It withstands short strokes and low-speed mechanisms.
  5. Industrial indoor environments: Its durability under constant use makes it ideal for such settings.

Technical Specification

Technical SpecificationValue
Rated Voltage<0.5mm²: 300/300V; ≥0.5mm²: 300/500V
Test Voltage2000V
Minimum Bending RadiusFixed Installation: 5×D Moveable Installation: Distance of travel <10m, minimum bending radius 8×D Distance of travel ≥10m, minimum bending radius 10×D
Operating TemperatureFixed Installation: -25℃ to +70℃ Moveable Installation: -15℃ to +70℃
Flame ResistanceFollowing IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil ResistanceSee the attached oil resistance list
Chemical ResistanceSee the attached chemical resistance list
Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain Special characteristic
Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain Special characteristic
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    Special Characteristic

    This product exhibits high mobility with 20m travel distance, superior durability supporting >2 million bends, resistance to various elements including water, oil, UV, cold, and abrasion, and complies with ROHS, CE standards.

  1. Moveable: Supports installation travel distance of 20m, with acceleration and moving speed of 10m/S² and 2m/S, respectively.
  2. Longevity: Offers a bending lifetime of >2 million times at 20 times/min.
  3. Resilience: Exhibits water, oil, UV resistance, weather fastness, cold and abrasive resistance, and withstands mechanical force.
  4. Compliance: Adheres to ROHS and CE standards.

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