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LFLEX-HXYP101 Low Speed Flexible Single Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable Drag Chain

Get quality flexible single-sheath shielded copper wire cable from FENGY

At FENGY, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality electrical cables for various applications. Our LFLEX-HXCY101 Flexible Single Sheath Shielded Drag Chain, Copper Wire Cable is perfect for industrial machinery, robotics, and other high-flex applications. With excellent shielding properties and durable construction, this cable ensures reliable signal transmission and protection against interference. Upgrade your equipment with FENGY’s cable today and experience the difference in performance and reliability. Contact us for more information on how to order.

Low Speed Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain
Low Speed Flexible Double Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable For Drag Chain
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    introduce LFLEX-HXYP101 Low Speed Flexible Single Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable Drag Chain

    The LFLEX-HXYP101 is a low-speed, flexible, single-sheath twisted-pair cable for drag chain applications. It comprises VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard oxygen-free copper wire, special flexible PVC insulation, an optional inner sheath, a tinned copper braid shield, and a special improved PVC jacket.

    Product structure:

ConductorFine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, complying with VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard
InsulationSpecial flexible PVC
Conductor ColorOptional
Core StructureAnti-twist layered or grouping with divided gap filling by high strength core
Inner SheathPolyester belt or non-woven belt (optional)
ShieldTinned copper braid, with coverage more than 70%
Outer JacketMade from special improved PVC
Jacket ColorAvailable in black, gray, or orange
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    A few key applications include:

  1. Towline Systems: This cable is a standard component in modern machinery and logistics towline systems, providing reliable data and power transmission under constant movement.

  2. Control Systems: It ensures consistent and efficient operation in control systems, where continuous bending and movement are joint.

  3. Engraving Machine Automation Systems: The cable’s flexibility and durability make it suitable for engraving machine automation systems, where precise control and uninterrupted function are crucial.

  4. Low-Speed, Short-Stroke Machinery: It’s specifically designed to withstand the rigors of low-speed, short-stroke machinery, offering reliable performance under these demanding conditions.

  5. General Industry Indoor Environment: Its robust construction and design make it well-suited for various applications in the general indoor environment, including assembly lines, automated workstations, and more.

The LFLEX-HXYP101 Low speed flexible single sheath twisted-pair cable drag chain is designed for a multitude of applications that require continuous reciprocation, particularly in environments with frequent bending industrial actions.

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage<0.5mm²: 300/300V; ≥0.5mm²: 300/500V
Test Voltage2000V
Minimum Bending RadiusFixed Installation: 6×D; Moveable Installation: 8×D (laying distance <10m), 10×D (laying distance ≥10m)
Operating TemperatureFixed Installation: -25°C to +70°C; Moveable Installation: -15°C to +70°C
Flame ResistanceComplies with IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil ResistanceRefer to the attached oil resistance list
Chemical ResistanceRefer to the attached chemical resistance list
Flexible Single Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable Drag Chain Special characteristic
Flexible Single Sheath Twisted-Pair Cable Drag Chain Special characteristictwisted-pair cable drag chain
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    Special Characteristic

    The product offers high mobility, impressive bending lifespan, multi-faceted resistance features, and compliance with ROHS and CE standards.

  1. Moveable Characteristics: Defined by a 20m travel distance, 10m/S2 acceleration, and 2 m/S speed, these characteristics ensure versatility in installation scenarios.
  2. Bending Lifetime: With a rate exceeding 2 million bends at 20 times per minute, this characteristic signifies high durability.
  3. Resistance Features: Resistant to water, oil, UV, weather, cold, and abrasion; these characteristics also include the ability to withstand specific mechanical forces, thus ensuring robust performance.
  4. Approvals and Standards: Compliance with ROHS and CE standards underscores commitment to safety and environmental regulations.

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