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Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable

High-quality HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable is available!

Looking for durable and reliable cables for your industrial or commercial needs? Look no further than FENGY’s HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable. Our cables are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide exceptional performance. With our expertise and quality products, you can trust FENGY for all your cable needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can meet your requirements.

HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable
HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable
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    introduce HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable

    The HXCRANE-FD is a Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable featuring oxygen-free copper strands, high-quality PVC insulation, a robust jute rope filling, and a special weather-resistant PVC sheath.

    Product structure:

ConductorOxygen-free copper wire, fine strands. Complies with VDE0295 CLASS 5 or 6 standard
Conductor InsulationHigh-quality mixed PVC
Wire ColorsFeatures colorful core wires
StrengthenOptional multi-strand jute rope filling
Inner SheathSpecial non-woven belt wrapping cushion
Outer Jacket MaterialSpecial mixed weather-resistant PVC sheath
Sheath ColorBlack (RAL9005)
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  1. Building Construction: Used for vertical lift applications, ensuring safe and efficient operations.
  2. Port Operations: As control cables for portal cranes, enhancing port productivity.
  3. Material Handling: Utilized in container cranes, loading and unloading machines, aiding in effective material management.
  4. Heavy Machinery: Essential for large gantry cranes, tower cranes, and other heavy equipment, contributing to operational efficiency.
  5. Electrical Installations: Suitable for dry or wet indoor or outdoor setups, providing versatile use.
The HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable is a multipurpose solution, ensuring optimal performance in various applications from construction to heavy machinery and electrical installations.

Technical Specification

Technical specification
Test voltage2500V
Minimum bending radius
Fixed installation:8×D
Movable installation:10×D
Operating temperature:
Operating temperature:-35℃-+70℃
Movable installation:-20℃-+70℃
Flame resistance£ºFollowing IEC60332-1 or 2
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    Special Characteristic

    The HXCRANE-FD Nitrile Mixed PVC Flexible Cable is a ROHS-compliant, durable, and flexible solution with excellent resistance attributes.

  1. Flexibility: Easily bendable to suit various installations.
  2. Durability: Exhibits excellent tensile strength and tear resistance, ensuring stable performance under stress.
  3. Resistance: Offers good resistance against oil, abrasion, cold conditions, and weather changes, enhancing longevity.
  4. Standards: Compliant with ROHS standards, guaranteeing safe and eco-friendly use.

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Fengy’s precision-engineered flexible cables meet diverse technical needs, providing robust solutions for field-specific challenges. Our team offers expert consultation and cost-effective strategies, ensuring efficient resolution of complications. This epitomizes Fengy’s commitment to superior service and high-quality products.

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