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PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable

Special Pricing on HFLEX-HXYY501 PUR Sheath Cable!

Looking for a high-quality cable solution for your project? Look no further! FENGY is proud to offer a special discount on our HFLEX-HXYY501 PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable. This professional-grade cable is perfect for demanding applications that require flexibility and durability. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and get the cable you need at a great price. Upgrade your project with FENGY today!

HFLEX-HXYY501 PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable
HFLEX-HXYY501 PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable
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    introduce HFLEX-HXYY501 PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable

    The HFLEX-HXYY501 is a PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable with a fine strands copper wire conductor as per VDE0295 CLASS 6. It boasts high-quality imported TPE insulation and an anti-twist layered core wire structure enhanced by a high-strength core. The outer jacket is made of premium imported PUR in various colors.

    Product structure:

ConductorFine strands copper wire (VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard)
Conductor InsulationHigh-quality imported TPE
Wire ColorsOptional
Core Wire StructureAnti-twist layered or grouped with divided gap filled by high-strength core
Outer Jacket MaterialHigh-quality imported PUR
Outer Jacket ColorsBlack, Grey, Orange
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  1. Installation in industrial frequent bending environments such as modern machinery and logistics systems.
  2. Used in control systems, automatic machinery, CNC machines, and electronic equipment.
  3. Applicable to hardware ramming, wood and stone machinery, glass and window machinery, and injection molding machines.
  4. It is ideal for robots and manipulators, construction machinery, heavy-duty machinery, and automobile manufacturing.
  5. Suitable for lifting transport equipment, automated warehouses, docks, and firefighting trucks.
  6. Perfect for indoor and outdoor shielded environments, long stroke, heavy machinery equipment (hand), and high pollution indoor environments requiring shielding.
In summary, the HFLEX-HXYY501 is a versatile cable solution designed for heavy duty, high pollution, and shielded environments across a wide range of industries.

Technical Specification

Technical specification
Rated voltage<0.5mm2:300/300V;≥0.5mm2:300/500V
Test voltage2000V
Minimum bending radius
Fixed installation:8×D
Movable installation:distance of travel <10m,minimum bending radius 8×D
distance of travel ≥10m,minimum bending radius 10×D
Operating temperature:
Operating temperature:-40℃-+90℃
Movable installation:-30℃-+90℃
Flame resistance£ºFollowing IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil resistanceSee the attached oil resistance list
Chemical resistanceSee the attached chemical resistance list
PUR Sheath Unshielded Ultra Flexible Cable
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    Special Characteristic

    The product is a high-performance, ROHS and CE certified cable, boasting over 100m installation travel distance, 30m/S2 acceleration, 8m/S speed, durable bending lifetime of over 6 million times, and special characteristics including waterproofing, oil, UV, cold, and abrasive resistance with enhanced acceleration and anti-bending capabilities.

  1. Robust Moving Characteristic: Supports installation travel distance over 100m, acceleration of 30m/S2, and a moving speed of 8m/S.
  2. Exceptional Bending Lifetime: Durability tested to withstand bending over 6 million times at a rate of 45 times/min.
  3. Resilient Material Properties: It offers waterproofing, oil, UV resistance, and weatherability. Exhibits resistance to cold and abrasion while tolerating some mechanical force.
  4. Enhanced Performance: Designed for faster acceleration and superior anti-bending performance.
  5. Approved and Certified: Compliant with ROHS and CE standards.

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Fengy’s flexible cables are engineered with precision to meet diverse technical requirements, offering reliable solutions for many industry-specific challenges. Our team of experts is on hand to provide professional consultation, advocating comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. This dedicated support guarantees the swift and efficient resolution of any issues that arise, underscoring Fengy’s dedication to exceptional service and superior product quality.

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