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PVC Single Sheath Shielded Ultra Flexible Cable

Highly Flexible Shielded PVC Cable - Special Discount!

Are you looking for a high-quality PVC cable that is both shielded and ultra-flexible? Look no further than the HFLEX-HXCY201 by FENGY. This professional-grade cable is perfect for various applications, from industry to home use. With our extraordinary discount offer, you can get this top-of-the-line cable at a discounted rate. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your cable needs with FENGY. Contact us today to learn more about this exclusive offer!

HFLEX-HXCY201 PVC Single Sheath Shielded Ultra Flexible Cable
HFLEX-HXCY201 PVC Single Sheath Shielded Ultra Flexible Cable
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    introduce PVC Single Sheath Shielded Ultra Flexible Cable

    The HFLEX-HXCY201 is a PVC Single Sheath Shielded Ultra Flexible Cable. It features oxygen-free copper wire conductors, high-quality mixed PVC insulation, and an optional PE belt inner sheath. The cable incorporates a tinned copper mesh braided shield for coverage over 70%. The outer jacket is made from special nitrile-mixed PVC, available in black, grey, and orange.

    Product structure:

ConductorComposed of fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, adhering to VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard
Conductor InsulationMade from high-quality mixed PVC
Wire ColorsCan be customized as per requirement
Core Wire StructureDesigned to be anti-twist layered, or grouped with divided gap filled by a high-strength core
Inner SheathAvailable options include a PE belt or non-woven belt
ShieldedFeatures a tinned copper mesh braided shield with coverage more than 70%
Outer Jacket MaterialManufactured from special nitrile-mixed PVC
Outer Jacket ColorsAvailable in black, grey, and orange
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  1. Modern machinery and logistics systems: Installation in drag chains for continuous reciprocation.
  2. Control Systems: Utilization in automatic machinery for industrial bending.
  3. CNC Machines: Application in electronic equipment for precision tasks.
  4. Hardware Ramming: Usage in wood and stone machinery for efficient processing.
  5. Injection Molding: Implementation in robots and manipulators for repetitive tasks.
  6. Construction & Heavy-duty Machinery: Employment in automobile manufacturing for robust operations.
  7. Lifting Transport Equipment: Integration in automated warehouses for efficient handling.
  8. Shielded Environments: Deployment in docks, fire engines, and other indoor/outdoor areas.
Reciprocating installations are versatile, used across industries from modern machinery to shielded environments, proving their adaptability and efficiency.

Technical Specification

Rated voltage<0.5mm2: 300/300V; ≥0.5mm2: 300/500V
Test voltage2000V
Minimum bending radius - Fixed installation6×D
Minimum bending radius - Movable installationDistance of travel <10m, minimum bending radius 6¡ÁD; Distance of travel ¡Ý10m, minimum bending radius 10¡ÁD
Operating temperature-30℃-+70℃
Operating temperature - Movable installation-20℃-+70℃
Flame resistanceFollowing IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil resistanceSee the attached oil resistance list
Chemical resistanceSee the attached chemical resistance list
LFLEX-HXCY102 Low Speed Flexible Drag Chain Cable Special characteristic
LFLEX-HXCY102 Low Speed Flexible Drag Chain Cable Special characteristic
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    Special Characteristic

    This product offers superior moving characteristics, exceptional bending lifetime, and special features including waterproof, oil and UV resistance, cold and abrasive resistance, mechanical force endurance, meeting ROHS and CE standards.

  1. Moving Characteristic: Supports installation travel >50m, acceleration 20m/S2, moving speed 5m/S.
  2. Bending Lifetime: Offers a rate of 30 times/min, exceeding 3 million times.
  3. Waterproof: Protects against water intrusion.
  4. Oil Resistance: Resists degradation from oil exposure.
  5. UV Resistance: Prevents damage from ultraviolet rays.
  6. Weatherability: Understands various weather conditions.
  7. Cold Resistance: Remains functional in cold temperatures.
  8. Abrasive Resistance: Resists wear and tear from friction.
  9. Mechanical Force: Can withstand some mechanical pressure.
  10. Approvals and Standards: Compliant with ROHS and CE standards.

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