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PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable

High Flexible Robot Cable - China-Manufactured

Looking for a durable, high-flexible robot cable for your automation needs? Look no further than FENGY! Our SHFLEX-HXYY601 PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable is manufactured in China and designed to meet the demands of industrial automation applications. With superior insulation and flexibility, this cable is built to withstand the rigors of your operations. Trust FENGY for reliable and quality robot cables for your projects. Contact us today to learn more.

SHFLEX-HXYY601 PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable
SHFLEX-HXYY601 PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable
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    Introduce SHFLEX-HXYY601 PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable

    The SHFLEX-HXYY601 is a high-flex robot cable featuring oxygen-free copper wire conductors, TPE or ETFE insulation, anti-twist core structure, 80%+ tinned copper shield coverage, oil-resistant PVC sheath, and a durable PUR outer jacket available in multiple colors.

    Product structure:

ConductorOxygen-free copper wire, VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard
Conductor InsulationImported high-quality TPE or ETFE
Wire ColorsOptional
Core Wire StructureAnti-twist layered or grouped, with high strength core
TwistPair twist
ShieldedTinned copper mesh braided shield, >80% coverage
Inner SheathLow viscosity strong extrusion sheath, PVC, oil-resistant
Outer Jacket MaterialImported high-quality PUR
Outer Jacket ColorsBlack, Grey, Orange
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  1. Utilized in robot systems and mobile equipment, ensuring seamless operation and high flexibility.
  2. Essential for production lines and robot arms, providing reliable and efficient connections.
  3. It is ideal for control connection in industrial environments, offering durability in dry and wet indoor conditions.
  4. Suitable for long-stroke, heavy machinery equipment (hand), even in highly polluted indoor environments.
The SHFLEX-HXYY601 High Flexible Robot Cable is a versatile solution, ideal for various applications including robotic systems, production lines, and heavy machinery equipment. Its durability and efficiency make it suitable for use in diverse industrial environments.

Technical Specification

Technical specification
Rated voltage<0.5mm2:300/300V;≥0.5mm2:300/500V
Torsion angle±270℃/0.5m
Minimum bending radius
Fixed installation:6×D
Movable installation:distance of travel <10m,minimum bending radius 6×D
distance of travel ≥10m,minimum bending radius 8×D
Operating temperature:
Operating temperature:-40℃-+105℃
Movable installation:-30℃-+105℃
Flame resistance£ºFollowing IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil resistanceSee the attached oil resistance list
Chemical resistanceSee the attached chemical resistance list
PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable Special characteristic
PUR Insulation High Flexible Robot Cable Special characteristic
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    Special Characteristic

    The SHFLEX-HXYY601 High Flexible Robot Cable, with a moving characteristic of over 100m travel distance, 80m/S2 acceleration and 8m/S speed, boasts a bending lifetime of over 8 million times at 45 times/min, and features robust resistance to water, oil, UV, weather, cold, abrasion, mechanical force, alongside excellent EMC performance, all while adhering to ROHS and CE standards.

  1. High Moving Capability: With an installation travel distance of over 100m, acceleration of 80m/S2, and moving speed of 8m/S.
  2. Exceptional Bending Lifetime: Can perform over 8 million times at 45 times/min.
  3. Resilient: Offers waterproof, oil-resistant, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant properties.
  4. Cold & Abrasion Resistant: Able to withstand some mechanical force.
  5. Excellent EMC Performance: Demonstrates good anti-interference capability.
  6. Certified: Compliant with ROHS and CE standards.

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