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Double PUR Insulation Shielded High Flexible Robot Cable

High Flexible Robot Cable - Double PUR Insulation Shielded

Looking for a reliable and high-quality robot cable for your industrial automation needs? Look no further than the SHFLEX-HXCY602 Double PUR Insulation Shielded cable from FENGY. This cable is ideal for high-flex applications in the most demanding environments and is designed for maximum flexibility and durability. Contact us today to learn more about how our cables can enhance the performance of your robotic systems.

SHFLEX-HXCY602 Double PUR Insulation Shielded High Flexible Robot Cable
SHFLEX-HXCY602 Double PUR Insulation Shielded High Flexible Robot Cable
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    Introduce Double PUR Insulation Shielded High Flexible Robot Cable

    The SHFLEX-HXCY602 is a high-flex robot cable with oxygen-free copper conductors, TPE or ETFE insulation, optional colors, anti-twist core wire structure, over 80% shield coverage, oil-resistant PVC sheath, and a high-quality TPU jacket in three colors.

    Product structure:

ConductorFine strands of oxygen-free copper wire in line with VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard
Conductor InsulationHigh-quality imported TPE or ETFE
Wire ColorsOptional
Core Wire StructureAnti-twist layered or grouped with divided gap filled by high-strength core
ShieldedTinned copper mesh braided shield with over 80% coverage
Inner SheathImproved low viscosity, strong extrusion sheath; PVC, oil-resistant
Outer Jacket MaterialHigh-quality imported TPU
Outer Jacket ColorsAvailable in black, grey, and orange
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  1. An integral part of robot systems and mobile equipment due to its high flexibility.
  2. It is ideal for production lines, ensuring smooth operations and longevity.
  3. Perfect for use in robot arms and other flexible occasions, offering resilience and endurance.
  4. Used extensively for connection control in industrial environments.
  5. Works efficiently under dry or wet indoor conditions, promising a longer lifetime.
  6. Suitable for long-stroke, heavy machinery equipment (hand).
  7. Resilient in high-pollution indoor environments, maintaining performance.
The SHFLEX-HXCY602 cable is a versatile, high-performance solution designed for various applications including robotics, production lines, industrial control, and heavy machinery. It thrives in diverse environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Technical Specification

Technical specification
Rated voltage<0.5mm2:300/300V;≥0.5mm2:300/500V
Torsion angle±270℃/0.5m
Minimum bending radius
Fixed installation:6×D
Movable installation:distance of travel <10m,minimum bending radius 6×D
distance of travel ≥10m,minimum bending radius 8×D
Operating temperature:
Operating temperature:-40℃-+105℃
Movable installation:-30℃-+105℃
Flame resistance£ºFollowing IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Oil resistanceSee the attached oil resistance list
Chemical resistanceSee the attached chemical resistance list
Double PUR Insulation Shielded High Flexible Robot Cable Special characteristic
Double PUR Insulation Shielded High Flexible Robot Cable Special characteristic
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    Special Characteristic

    The SHFLEX-HXCY602 cable is a robust, high-performance solution with superior moving characteristics, long bending lifetime, resistance to various environmental factors, good EMC performance and compliance with ROHS and CE standards.

  1. Exceptional moving characteristics: Installation travel distance > 100m, acceleration 80m/S2, moving speed 8m/S.
  2. Impressive bending lifetime: 45 times/min, >8 million times.
  3. Durable and resistant features: Waterproof, oil-resistant, UV-resistant, weatherproof, cold-resistant, and abrasive-resistant.
  4. It can withstand some mechanical force, enhancing its durability in demanding environments.
  5. Exhibits good EMC performance for anti-interference, ensuring smooth operations.
  6. Complies with ROHS and CE standards, guaranteeing quality and safety.

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