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About US

China Power Cord Manufacturer

Who are we?

We're An Experienced Team Of Visionary Product Developers And Manufacturers.

Shanghai Fengy Cable Co., Ltd. is a leading, advanced manufacturer specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of special cables. Our products are widely utilized in numerous fields, including mobile towline equipment, robotics, automation systems, machining equipment, packaging and logistics equipment, laser equipment, automobile manufacturing, winding lifting equipment, lifting systems, printing machinery, petrochemicals, metallurgy, construction, railways, communications, transportation, and city infrastructure construction.

Our production facility is strategically situated in the heart of the Fengxian district in Shanghai. This standard production workshop boasts a garden-type environment with more than 100 production and testing equipment sets, signifying our commitment to advanced internal management. Our R&D engineers and management teams possess extensive experience, each with tens of years of work experience in the cable industry, ensuring the highest product development and operational excellence standards.

At Shanghai Fengy Cable Co., Ltd., we prioritize providing our customers with the most suitable cable options. We aim to deliver high-quality products and services at the most cost-effective prices. This commitment to value and quality forms the backbone of our corporate ethos and is our relentless pursuit.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Specialized Manufacturing
    Shanghai Fengy Cable Co. excels in the research, development, and sale of special cables.

  2. Wide Range of Applications
    Our cables are vital to robotics, automation, and automobile manufacturing.

  3. Strategic Location
    Our production facility is in Shanghai’s Fengxian district for efficient production and delivery.

  4. Advanced Equipment
    Our workshop houses over 100 sets of advanced production and testing equipment.

  5. Experienced Team
    Our R&D engineers and management teams boast decades of industry experience.

  6. Customer-Centric Approach
    Fengy Cable Co. prioritizes providing customers with suitable, high-quality, cost-effective cables.

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